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Bulgaria during the Second World War. From Barbarossa to Pearl Harbor. During the second half ofit began to look as though the Tripartite Pact, which Bulgaria had regarded in March as a concession to Operation Marita, might ultimately drag the country into war. Barbarossa Bulgarian gas mask sex position the Bulgarian Reaction.

Even Prime Minister Filov admitted that the nation heard the news with despondency. The American Minister in Sofia cabled the following observation to Washington: First reactions of Bulgarians to Russo-German war are confusion and shock, mainly on account of distinct division of sympathy for the two countries. Others fear involvement Bulgarian gas mask sex position Bulgaria in war.

The cabinet accepted the news calmly, however, and determined that no special measures were needed other than the placing of the Communist.

First, it tried to make the Bulgarians feel that their territorial gains were only tentative: The Bulgarian government seemed almost paranoid on this issue, which will be discussed in more detail in later chapters. Hitler and his General Staff believed that most of the objectives of Operation Barbarossa would be attained within a month of the invasion and that the campaign against Russia would be over by the autumn.

There was no other country in the Balkans, with the possible exception of Turkey, that Germany could play off against Bulgaria as Hitler was to do with Hungary and Rumania over Transylvania. Perhaps Boris was influenced by the memory of the Byzantine practice of keeping at Constantinople a pretender to the Bulgarian throne in order to influence the Bulgarian Tsars. At the end of the second week in July, the Germans had already taken "Bulgarian gas mask sex position" half a million Russian prisoners, a large percentage defectors.

As late as Octobera headline in Slovo predicted that within three weeks Moscow would be taken and the Soviet Union would collapse.

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This optimism never really penetrated Bulgarian official circles. By and large, there was little real doubt of an Axis victory until Stalingrad in January The members of the Narodno Subranie had no hesitation in expressing their support for Germany in the most effusive terms.

During an official visit to Moscow inhe and another deputy had seen a map of Bulgarian gas mask sex position Balkans marked with desired Soviet bases. On this map, Yanev said, Bulgaria was not even shown Bulgarian gas mask sex position large as it had. Yet Moscow believed that Bulgaria was a ripe field for sovietization and stood on the threshold of revolution. What would have happened, he asked, if Bulgaria had followed the disastrous advice of some and allied with the USSR back in ?

The Failure of Clandestine Communist Activities. On the night of July 23,three Bulgarian cities were bombed by unidentified planes that were believed to be Russian.

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They suggested that perhaps the attacks had been arranged by Germany. The Soviets refused to accept this charge either, claiming that the attacks were German provocations which "Bulgarian gas mask sex position" may have beenand on September 10 they issued a general denial to all allegations of interference in Bulgarian affairs. Relations between the two countries had also grown worse because Communist agents were landing from submarines and were being dropped by parachute onto Bulgarian territory.

These agents were generally Bulgarian Communists who had been in exile in the Soviet Union and were returning to help organize the resistance movement. Landings were made in Bulgaria on August 11 and 28 and on September 13 and 21,but all were unsuccessful because the agents were apprehended on arrival or were quickly betrayed. The failure of peasants and villagers to assist the Communist agents came as a surprise to Moscow, which had also underestimated the alertness of Bulgarian army patrols.

Only an estimated twenty of the 58 men landed were able to make contact with the resistance movement, and of these twenty most were soon arrested. The Bulgarian Communist Party, which had taken advantage of. Of the most-wanted Communists, the police managed to locate in the first two weeks after Barbarossa.

Of the five members of the BKP Politburo, one was jailed in July, two others were apprehended in September, and the last two were caught within a year. The Central Military Commission of the Bulgarian Communist Party, which was the directorate for the resistance, had a complete change of membership by the spring of Police repression was so severe that a man in Kyustendil who had remarked that Russia would never be conquered was sentenced to eight months in jail and fined an impossibly largeleva.

A student who had written anonymous letters to high government officials accusing them of leading the country to disaster received a ten-year sentence and an equally large fine. Thus it was not long before the Gonda Voda, Enikyoi, and St.

Nikola for women concentration Bulgarian gas mask sex position were filled, and other camps had to be built. By the spring ofParty membership had risen to slightly over 10, compared with 30, before the May coup; the youth organization RMS Rabotnicheski mladezhki suyuz numbered 19, See Oren, Bulgarian Communismpp. The domestic situation might have changed for the worse if Bulgarian gas mask sex position had been forced to break relations with the USSR or, more importantly, to participate in the war on the Eastern Front.

Despite alleged Soviet air attacks, parachuted Communist agents, and open Russian support of the partisan struggle, however, the Bulgarian government continued to maintain diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union. The Germans were less than pleased with the unusual situation of a Soviet legation functioning in an Axis country during wartime, for the legation and its consulate were undeniably centers of espionage and propaganda.

Whenever the Germans complained about the presence of the Soviet legation, as they did throughout the war, Boris would reply that he had the building under very close observation and had complete confidence in his police and guards.

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Every member of the delegation is openly followed by police and every visitor, except diplomats, Bulgarian gas mask sex position the Legation is questioned by police and sometimes arrested. Germany was not fully satisfied, though, and believed that Bulgaria. If it could not be closed—and in fact it was not for over a year—then German military authorities requested that at least the radio antenna should be removed from the roof of the consulate.

Even though such installations were forbidden in Bulgaria, this limited German request met with no success. Bulgarian-Soviet relations worsened to such an extent that the Russians would probably not have maintained their diplomatic mission if Bulgaria had not become such an important intelligence center. Germany had agreed at the outset of Operation Barbarossa that there would be no pressure on Bulgaria to declare war on the USSR, but as the invasion progressed, Hitler began to desire some form of Bulgarian participation.

A volunteer Bulgarian Legion was proposed, to be either modeled on the Spanish Blue Division or formed as a national unit of the Waffen-SS, but the idea was rejected by the Bulgarian government. The refusal was motivated by a double fear: As a concession, the Bulgarian government agreed to send a medical train under Bulgarian command to the Eastern Front, where it would help the Axis troops and, supposedly, any Russian prisoners requiring medical attention.

Turkey was a genuine problem for Bulgaria, but it was also an excuse for not Bulgarian gas mask sex position Bulgarian troops to fight in Russia. The Bulgarian-Turkish nonaggression pact of February had officially removed the danger of Turkish intervention, but there remained a substantial amount of uneasiness and suspicion between the two countries.

Among high Bulgarian staff officers there was strong support for a preemptive attack on Turkey. Turkey had signed a friendship treaty with Germany on June 18,only four days before the beginning of Operation Barbarossa. This fortuitous timing suggested to some that Turkey knew of Barbarossa in advance and was hoping to make some territorial gains at the expense of the Soviet Union.

As the gateway to the Middle East from German-occupied territory, Turkey was a key factor in any plan for threatening the Suez Canal from the rear or for extending German hegemony to the Arab world. This had been shown in Maywhen Rashid Ali seized power in Iraq and requested immediate German assistance, which would have required the transit through Turkey of men and materials.

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Germany promptly began negotiations for a secret treaty with Turkey granting right of passage. As an inducement for the plan, Ambassador von Papen promised Turkey several of the Aegean islands and the rectification of the Turkish border near Edirne Adrianoplealthough the latter would have been at the expense of Bulgaria.

The collapse of the pro-Axis Iraqi regime in late May and the defeat of Vichy forces in Syria removed the need for mere German assistance; the German plans were changed to include outright military intervention. To this end plans must be made as soon as possible to assemble in Bulgaria sufficient forces to render Turkey politically amenable or to over-power her resistance.

The idea of Turkey as a gateway was not abandoned, but the subsequent plans envisaged not an advance into the Middle East but an attack through the Caucasus to catch the Russians in the rear and to link up with German forces advancing across the plains of Russia. Pearl Harbor and Its Significance. Although a member of the Axis, Bulgaria sought to maintain friendly relations with the United States.

On November 22,the Tripartite Pact was secretly amended to provide for German-Bulgarian cooperation in Bulgarian gas mask sex position concerning the press and propaganda.

The Bulgarian gas mask sex position attack on the American fleet at Pearl Harbor on December 7,aroused surprisingly little concern in Bulgaria. Nevertheless, when Germany and Italy, viewing the United States as the aggressor, declared war in support of their Axis ally Japan, the Bulgarian government assumed that a decision had to be made to follow suit.

America seemed far away and Great Britain was thought to be facing certain defeat. A declaration of war on these countries was therefore regarded as an easy way of pleasing Germany rather than a step toward disaster. Prime Minister Filov appeared before the Narodno Subranie on December 13 and stated that Bulgaria must satisfy its obligations under the Tripartite Pact by declaring war. Public reaction to the declaration of war was mixed. What have we to divide with the "Bulgarian gas mask sex position" what wrong have they done us?

Foreign Minister Popov later confessed that each of the attackers had been given three cobblestones and the generous fee of leva. The United States treated the Bulgarian declaration of war with contempt.

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The year marked a distinct change in Bulgarian relations with Germany. Prior toBulgaria had been under German influence and generally pro-Axis, but there had been no major issues on which Germany had compelled Bulgaria to make a definite decision against its will. On the questions of rearmament and the Dobruja, for example, Germany had provided support to Bulgaria but had required no immediate concessions in return.

Duringhowever, Germany had put considerable pressure on the Bulgarian government—first to sign the Tripartite Pact, and later to declare war on the United States and Great Britain. Although the Bulgarian government may Bulgarian gas mask sex position have fully realized the risks involved in either case, considerable German persuasion was necessary before the decisions were taken.

German pressure, but also the last. Bulgaria managed to avoid breaking off relations with the USSR, participating in the war on the Eastern Front, or expelling the Bulgarian Jews to German extermination camps. At least it temporarily staved off German demands for military action against the Soviet Union. I know how this war will end; I will never live through a second exile. Meanwhile, the Germans were urging Bulgaria to join the war against the Soviet Union or at least to break off diplomatic relations.

Bulgarian gas mask sex position, he said that it was necessary to have a strong army in the Balkans to guard. Second, troops were needed to protect the Black Sea coast from a Russian invasion. Third, waves of unrest and sabotage in the occupied countries of the Balkans could be expected in the spring, and a force had to be held in readiness to deal with this threat, especially in view of the Greek rebellion in Bulgarian-occupied Thrace in late September In Februarythe Germans suspected that the USSR had become disgusted with the Bulgarians and was negotiating with the Turks, promising them Bulgarian territory as far north as Burgas.

For details of the uprising in Drama, Greece, see Chapter The nationalist opposition i. The most important of these groups was the Legionnaires under General Hristo Lukov, who was thought by the Bulgarian government to be in close contact with certain German agents. The government tried to repress Legionnaire activities as much as possible without antagonizing the Germans. In February, Lukov scheduled a large public rally, but this, too, was banned by the government on the grounds that undesired demonstrations and disorder might break out.

Professor Alexander Tsankov, who had been prime minister from towas the other prominent nationalist opposition leader, and he too attempted to persuade the Germans that the current Bulgarian regime was unsatisfactory. The European Commission has urged Bulgaria to bring to justice the killers of a journalist found raped and murdered following her report on. Watch Bulgarian Gas Mask Sex gay porn videos Bulgarian gas mask sex position free on Pornhub Page 4.

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