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Spread spank your cheeks


A photo from a long dead blog titled Sweetness Follows This is one of those stories that just blossomed. It is is a remembrance of a spanking that I gave, with a few fictional additions I didn't actually make the girl wait all day and I didn't put her in the corner.

Spanking play really takes off when there is some undefined mental connection. The scene flows like a Jazz session, where the two players start improvising on the same theme. In a scene Spread spank your cheeks this I can let myself become who I am, deep down in my core, running free. If you wonder want a Wintermute spanking is like, read this story.

Like a butterfly trapped in amber, I hope that these words will preserve this memory. You've known all day that you are going to get a spanking. Waiting is so hard. Knowing that you're going to get a hard spanking, but not knowing when. When the waiting gets to much you break down and ask me to spank you, so that you can get it over with.

When I tell you "All in good time, young lady", you stamp your foot in frustration. Time drags on and then, when you're thinking of something else, I call you over to me.

I tell you that you've been a naughty girl and that you're getting a long hard spanking. Then I start to undress you.

You hate the loss of control, being undressed like a little girl. You are tempted to protest, to insist that you can do it yourself. I slip your shirt over your Spread spank your cheeks. Then I unbutton your pants and pull them down to your ankles so you can step out of them. I unhook your bra and slide it off your shoulders. All you are wearing now is a little pair of sheer black bikini panties. I hand you your cloths and tell you that I want you to go to the bedroom and lay out the ruler paddle, the rattan cane and the Scary Paddle.

When I come into the room, I tell you, I want to see standing in the corner, in those little panties. You think of stamping your foot and telling me that it's not fair to have to put out the implements for your spanking. Why do you have to do it? But you think better of lodging a complaint just before you're going to get a hard spanking.

What if I decide to give you extra strokes? Besides, you're a good girl. Even if you're spanking top is mean. All you say is "Yes, Sir" and go off to the bedroom. You put your cloths on a chair, get out the implements and lay them out on the bed.

You hate even having to touch the spanking implements. They almost feel like they're alive, waiting to punish your bottom while you cry.

Reluctantly, you go and stand in the corner near the head of the bed. You hate corner time. As you wait in the corner all you can think of is how boring it is and how you're going to be crying soon as you're being spanked. You feel naked and vulnerable, wearing only the sheer little panties. And boring, you think about how boring it is to stand in the corner. Spankings seem more merciful than corner time.

Your top is so mean making you stand in the corner and spanking you. What's he doing, channeling Dick Cheney? He claims that he's just a big cuddly bear. A big cuddly bear with those intense eyes, who loves to make you cry. The corner is so "Spread spank your cheeks." How come you can't read in the corner? You remember how you tried that once and got spanked for it. Then you had to stand in the corner again and after that you had to take the spanking you had been originally been waiting for.

Not like any cuddly bear I've ever heard of, you think to yourself. And how come he's so mean and unfair, any way? Finally you hear my footsteps. I come into Spread spank your cheeks room and see you in the corner and think of how lovely you look in your sheer panties. I go and sit on the bed behind you. Suddenly the corner seems like a better place "Spread spank your cheeks" you realized and you want to stay in the corner.

You know that you need a spanking, but you also know that the spanking is going to hurt.

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You turn and walk over to my right side. You stand there looking down at my lap for a moment. I start spanking you with Spread spank your cheeks hand, alternating cheeks. The spanking hurts and you feel like a bad little girl.

After a moment I tell you to put your right hand behind your back. You protest, but do as you're told. I hold your hand with my left hand as I spank you. You feel even more helpless now as I spank you. Your bottom is starting to sting. You wish that I allowed you do wear cotton panties when I spank you. Of course that would mean that you've have to buy some cotton panties. The sheer panties don't feel like they provide much protection from my hand.

You seem to have forgotten that you're over my knee to be punished", I tell you as I caress you. You think of saying something like "Well, that doesn't feel much like punishment, Sir", but decide not to since I might stop the caresses and start spanking Spread spank your cheeks again. You push up against my hand, as I rub you. Then you feel my hand move away as I pull your panties down to the middle of your thighs.

For a moment you hope that this will be a prelude to more caresses on your pussy.

Spreading her, the stinging cane...

Then you feel my hand spanking you again. It hurts even more now that your bottom is bare. The spanking seems to go on and on. Soon you're crying, tears starting down your cheeks, then sobs as the spanking continues.

When I stop spanking you Spread spank your cheeks smooth soft skin over the curve of your buttocks is a deep pink. I caress you again. You lips are smooth and slick with wetness, despite your crying. You're such a little slut", I tell you affectionately.

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My hand is starting to hurt. I do really feel sorry for it. But no Sir, I don't think it's time for the ruler paddle", you respond. Take you panties off and get the ruler paddle, young lady. You let your panties fall to the floor and step out of them. You walk over to the other side of the bed and get the ruler paddle.

You return to my right side and hand me the paddle. You hesitate for a moment and then lie over my lap, this time entirely naked. I rub the paddle over the curve of your bottom in little circles and pat the lower part of your cheeks.

I know that you hate waiting, thinking about "Spread spank your cheeks" much it's going to hurt. Sometimes I think I'm going to hear "So could you spank me Spread spank your cheeks, but it hasn't happened yet.

This Is How We Begin

I Spread spank your cheeks you give me your hand. I raise the ruler paddle and bring it down hard across your cheeks. I give you ten strokes, counting the strokes out loud as I administer them.

I can tell that you find the ruler paddle hard to take, but you're a very good girl and hardly clench your bottom in response to the paddle smacks. You are silent as you take the first couple of strokes across your bottom, but soon each stroke is echoed by a little cry of pain which soon turns into crying. After I've given you five strokes I tell you that you're half way.

Watch She Spreads Her Cheek...

Then at eight I tell you that we're almost there. I give the last stroke very hard. Spread spank your cheeks This is a continuation of our video "Bath Brushed Over Daddy's Knee " - never before seen!

Enjoy, and visit our Spanking Library. I am going to spank her and I want you present during her chastisement to. " Okay, Elizabeth I want you to reach back and spread your cheeks as wide as you.

Subject: "This Is How We...

If you wonder want a Wintermute spanking is like, read this story. The fire from the cane stroke seems to spread over your cheeks and between your legs.

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