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Bisexual realization stories


Just click "edit" next to your name and choose the flag that best fits you. Before you ask, read this "Am I bi? The world isn't binary, and sexual orientation doesn't have to be, either.

There is more than being straight or being gay. This group is for discussion and support for those who fall in between, for the "shades of gray" in what is often assumed to be one or the other:. Whether sexual or asexual, everyone is welcome. We are not a strictly moderated subreddit but we ask that you are accepting of all people particularly in your language and treat everybody with respect.

In particular, please keep the following rules in mind:. Would Bisexual realization stories like us to link here in the sidebar to your subreddit? Feel free to message the mods. List of LGBT helplines. How did you first realize you were bi? Tell me your story. I just sort of always knew, or at least suspected. I had crushes on members of both Bisexual realization stories from a very early age The daughter of my mom's friend when I was 7 and another on a comicbook character when I was 8.

So it was always sort of apparent to me. I reached puberty in the early s - at the time I didn't know "bisexual" was a thing. I was horny for girls and horny for guys. I wanked to fantasies of girls and guys. I kept thinking "I must be a homosexual because I'm horny for guys I became a big David Bowie fan, and began to see among other Bowie fans that there were guys who were open about liking guys and girls.

That was a revelation! I had one unsatisfactory experience with Bisexual realization stories gay friend and wasn't looking to repeat it I had to let him down gently.

It didn't help that a few weeks later I started a relationship to a bi girl we were both friends with. I can't really name a time when I realized it exactly, I was bi from puberty - the only thing I didn't realize was that there were other people like me: I'm not really sure. I guess when I was in my early teens I had feelings, but didn't really understand them. From then on I have always thought of myself as bi.

I thought everybody was like me, and then realized that there existed straight people when I was about Senior year of high school, there was a girl who liked me romantically, and after a time I realized I liked her back, after a lifetime of only liking guys. Confused over it for a while, but eventually I decided that yeah, bisexual I was. Throughout high school and all my time spent living with my immediate family I refused to date anyone because I found the idea way too awkward.

As a teenager in a beach city I'd always end up silent when my groups of male friends were making appraising remarks about female bodies; I sort of purposely put off an asexual vibe.

I had one friend's mother tell me that I was going to be a priest when I grew up, which I remember offending me a little more than it should have. The fact that I'd be dating Bisexual realization stories regardless of their sex whenever I did enter 'dating Bisexual realization stories was just sort of there. I felt like there were way too many other things to be worried about when searching for potential partners.

Then I moved out, I explored and strengthened myself in my own space, and when I tell people who knew me during childhood they're generally amazed for about 5 minutes and then they do this slow nod Bisexual realization stories I Bisexual realization stories just solved some sort of puzzle for them.

In my middle school gym locker room I would try to look at other guys "for science" out of curiosity to compare how they're developing. I just never stop looking and started to grow attracted to some as well as liking girls at the same time. Didn't really know about bisexuality until high school. When I hit puberty and Bisexual realization stories looking at hardcore porn magazines, I was just as enamored by the muscular men with their big erections as I was by the sexy naked girls.

It wasn't Bisexual realization stories my mid twenties when I started talking to other guys online and having cyber sex with them that I knew for sure I was bi. Short version I just realized that I am bi this year or at least I admited it that I am to myself and a few selcted members of friends and family. I suppose you could say I never really admitted it to myself but then again I didn't care about that section of my life really since I'm focus on my education and all.

Looking back at it now once a while there would be that girl or guy that looks really beautiful or at least attractive in some way. I never found it weird but I would act as if it was for sexuality wise topics stories and scenes that I would stumble by accident in the hall or somewhere. I just say my sorry smile then move on my way without a waver. Stopping here though, there's hours of talk about my life and instances those are for me to know and those nosey enough to find out.

The moment I went from "not straight" to "bisexual" was when my friend said he didn't believe anyone when they said they were bisexual until they had been in a relationship with both genders.

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I felt so Bisexual realization stories. This is going to be a bit weird but it'll be good to tell this story: So when i was about 14 years old I didn't feel really at home anywhere. School sucked, i got bullied and because of that my grades dropped so it wasn't that fun at home either.

'I slowly realised I was...

I started spending more and more time on the internet and then i met someone on a forum. We started talking and i felt accepted and happy so a while later, during the christmas break, I wanted to meet him. I went over to his place and we talked, gamed and, well I had fun. Thing is the guy i'm talking about was 25 possibly older but I can't remember. Let's call him 'Jim'. Me Bisexual realization stories over to Jim was never awkward for me Bisexual realization stories, nothing really happened and I didn't have any feelings for him.

At least for a while. Then I had to redo my third year, I got into a class of weird, funny and openminded people and I also started thinking about my sexuality. I discovered that I wanted Jim to do certain things with me and I got scared because the whole situation was starting to go way over my head.

Partly because now I was not only lying to my parents but also to my new friends and partly because of the confusion I just stopped seeing him and stopped talking to him.

I basically made myself disappear. After that I had my share of crushes on guys and i'm now in a relationship with a girl and i'm really happy with her. But in a way my bisexuality all started with 'Jim'. I realised I was bi about 3 years ago when I was 14 or I came to this conclusion when I realised that most people don't like most genders and I was the one that was different. I didn't really care, I was in scouts and having sex regular because of it.

I still don't really Bisexual realization stories, labels don't really matter to me it's just how I am. Well for me it was a very long and confusing process.

Dedicated to your stories and...

I believe i was about BAM were makin out. I wanted her to be my girlfriend. So i asked her and she said yes etc. When we were at PurePride i was dancing my ass off and out of nowhere this guys starts dancing with me. I knew for sure now that i was bisexual. I'm more outgoing like i like being. I'm not ashamed anymore. I am finaly ready to live life the way that i feel will one day lead me to being truely happy. Out moms thought it was the most adorable thing Bisexual realization stories. Later on in elementary school a friend took me to his house and showed me porn on the internet.

It was just picture after picture of women's asses. Very erotic, but I was still too young for it to do anything for me down there. In middle school an Arts Magnet Schoolgossip was going around that a kid was gay. He was the first gay person I ever met. That summer, my curiosity having peaked, I explored the internet for gay porn to see what it was all about.

Then I kept clicking. It was forbidden Bisexual realization stories my faith, but it was really really hot. Somehow though I couldn't bear to look at straight porn. Not because it wasn't attractive, "Bisexual realization stories" it looked so so degrading to the point of being unattractive. I struggled for awhile because I started to feel more attracted to guys than girls. I didn't have a healthy mindset about my sexuality. I tried to go out with hot chicks from church, but nothing happened.

Later in college I met the woman who would become my wife. I was a virgin when I got married abstinence! Turns out, I really like how pussy feels. I also enjoy boobs.

Being bisexual can be an...

Realization. Originally Answered: How did you discover you are bisexual? . Room with Beautiful Girls” to “MILF seduces young girl,” the stories I came up.

"I discovered that I was bi when I met a guy on Tumblr at 14, and I fell in. time when I read a story about a girl who had multiple personalities, And, because Bisexual realization stories that massive realization, I concluded that I must be a lesbian.

'And long story short that...

While you're exploring your sexuality, it helps to think of it all on a spectrum. On one end, you have homosexual, or gay, and on the other.

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