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According to the majority of Muslim scholars and Islamic schools Hijab niqab sex thoughtthe niqab is not a requirement of Islam ; however a minority of Muslim scholars assert that the niqab is required, especially in the Hanbali Muslim faith tradition. Those Muslim women who observe the niqab, wear it in public areas and in front of non- mahram non-related men. The face veil pre-dates Islam, and had been used by certain Arabian pre-Islamic cultures.

Culturally, it is "a custom imported from Najda region in "Hijab niqab sex" Arabia and the power base of its Salafi fundamentalist form of Islam.

Within Muslim countries it is very contested and considered fringe. Today, the niqab is most often worn in its region of origin: However, even in these countries, the niqab is neither a universal cultural custom Hijab niqab sex is it culturally compulsory. In other parts of the Muslim world outside of the Arabian Peninsula, where the niqab has slowly spread to a much smaller extent, it is regarded warily by Sunni and non-Sunni Muslims alike "as a symbol of encroaching fundamentalism.

The terms niqab and burqa are often conflated; a niqab covers the face while leaving the eyes uncovered, while a burqa covers the entire body from the top of the head to the ground, with only a mesh screen allowing the wearer to see in front of her. The face-veil was originally part of women's dress among certain classes in the Byzantine Empire and was adopted into Muslim culture during the Arab conquest of the Middle East. However, although Byzantine art before Islam commonly depicts women with veiled heads or covered hair, it does not depict women Hijab niqab sex veiled faces.

"Hijab niqab sex" addition, the Greek geographer "Hijab niqab sex"writing in the first century AD, refers to some Median women veiling their faces; [6] and the early third-century Christian writer Tertullian clearly refers in his treatise The Veiling of Virgins to some "pagan" women of "Arabia" wearing a veil that covers not only their head but also the entire Hijab niqab sex. In the case of Tamar, the Biblical text, 'When Judah saw her, he thought her to be a harlot; because she had covered her face' indicates customary, if not sacral, use of the face veil to accentuate rather than disguise sexuality.

There is a difference of opinion and interpretation amongst scholars in Islam as to the permissibility or prohibition of covering the face. These fall into three different general interpretations, one held by a majority and two held by a minority. The first interpretation, the opinion of the overwhelming Hijab niqab sex of Islamic scholars, states that the niqab is optional at most.

Within this view, there is disagreement as to when the niqab becomes prohibited even for those who would choose to wear it at other times. The second interpretation, the opinion of a small minority of Islamic scholars, states that the niqab is outright obligatory fard to wear at all times in the presence of non- mahram males.

The third interpretation, also a small minority opinion, states that the niqab is outright prohibited and against Islam to wear at any time, in any company. According to the rulings of mainstream Sunni Islamnothing at all is mentioned of niqab in the Qur'an.

Moreover, even in some Hadith, it is clearly stated that the Prophet Muhammad himself taught women, in the example of his companion Abu Bakr 's daughter Asma' bint Abu Bakrthat they need not veil niqab Hijab niqab sex their face or their hands:. Although there is no Islamic scripture, neither Quaranic nor Hadith, where females are required to cover their face and hands, there is on the contrary a Hadith where it is narrated that the Prophet himself taught, in accordance to his Sunnah, that it is in fact forbidden haraamat least during Hajj and Umrah, for females to veil niqab their face, even if at other times the female insists on wearing niqab, against Islamic scripture:.

Within the majority Islamic legal opinion that the niqab is never obligatory, different schools and scholars disagree as to whether wearing niqab at any "Hijab niqab sex" not just during Hajj and Umrah is 'urf a cultural practice which should merely be discouraged; or if it is bid'ah say'iahan innovation which opposes the Qur'an and Sunnah contrary to Islam, and is to be prohibited. niqab videos, free sex...

In deference to the minority legal opinion which rules niqab to be obligatory, most other Muslim scholars and Islamic schools of thought have ruled that the preference is not to prohibit niqab as bid'ah say'iah, but as 'urf to be discouraged.

There are, nevertheless, scholars who have issued fatwas decreeing niqab to be against Islam, including the Grand Mufti of Egypt. A renowned scholar and head of the Islamic world's preeminent Hijab niqab sex institute, Tantawy has stated that "the niqab is a cultural tradition and has nothing to do with Islam. Tantawy's decision stems from his views that younger Muslims have lost touch with traditional Islamic scholarship and have come under the influence of imams from the Salafi Wahhabi branch in Saudi Arabia.

In the majority opinion of Islamic scholars, a woman or girl may lawfully wear the niqab, but in return may not criticize other Muslim women who properly cover their bodies, but do not wear the "Hijab niqab sex" to cover their face i. The niqabi niqab wearer is also prohibited from pressing the practice on others. In this practice of mutual tolerance, the niqabi shall also not be criticized for her belief or tradition holding niqab to be obligatory, or for her good-faith error on the side of modesty.

The opinions of Hijab niqab sex four traditional mainstream Sunni schools of jurisprudence are as follows:. There is a dispensation though that allows a woman to expose her face and hands, e. According to the Salafi point of view, it is obligatory fard for a woman to cover her entire body when in public or in presence of non-mahram men. The Islamic scholar Muhammad Nasiruddin al-Albaniwhile a teacher at Islamic University of Madinahwrote a book supporting his view that the niqab is not a binding obligation upon Muslim women.

His opponents within the Saudi establishment ensured that his contract with the university was allowed to lapse without renewal. In the Shi'a Ja'fari school of fiqhcovering the face is not obligatory. For example, Ayatollah Abu al-Qasim al-Khoei was among the learned who, based upon the Quran and the hadith, believed that women should wear the niqab as per "obligatory precaution Ihtiyat wujubi.

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The claimed rationale of the niqab comes from Hadith. It was known that the wives of the Prophet Muhammad covered themselves around non-mahram men. However the Quran explicitly states that the wives of the Prophet are held to a different standard.

This verse was in response to harassment on the part of the "hypocrites", [37] although it does not clearly refer to covering the face itself. It is also argued by some Muslims that the reasons for the niqab are to keep Muslim women from worrying about their appearances and to conceal their looks.

The niqab is controversial in Europe. In France specifically, although Hijab niqab sex niqab is not individually targeted, it falls within the scope of legislation which bans the wearing of any religious items Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or other in certain public areas. Inthe French Parliament passed a law Hijab niqab sex regulate "the wearing of symbols indicating religious affiliation in public educational establishments".

Although the French law addresses other religious symbols — not just Islamic headscarves and face coverings — the international debate has been centered around the impact it has on Muslims because of the growing population in Europe, especially France, and the increase in Islamophobia. This act outlawed the wearing of clothing that covers one's face in any public space. The then president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy publicly stated "The burqa is not welcome in France because it is contrary to our values and the ideals we have of a woman's dignity".

Sarkozy further explained that the French government sees these enactments as a way to successfully ease Muslims into French society and to promote gender equality. In Octoberthe United Nations Human Rights Committee declared that France's ban disproportionately harmed the right of women to manifest their religious beliefs, and could have the effects of "confining them to their homes, impeding their access to public services and marginalizing them.

There are many styles of niqab and other facial veils worn by Muslim women around the world. The two most common forms are the half niqab and the gulf-style or full niqab.

The half niqab is a simple length of fabric with elastic or ties and is worn around the face. This garment typically leaves the eyes and part of the forehead visible. The gulf-style or full niqab completely covers the face. It consists of an upper band that is tied around the forehead, together with a long wide piece of fabric which covers the face, leaving an opening for the eyes. Many full niqab have two or more sheer layers attached to the upper band, "Hijab niqab sex" can be worn flipped down to cover the eyes or left over the top of the head.

While a person looking at a woman wearing a niqab with an eyeveil Hijab niqab sex not be able to see her eyes, the woman wearing the niqab would be able to see out through the thin fabric. Other less common and more cultural or national forms of niqab include the Afghan style burqa, a long pleated gown that extends from the head to the feet with a small crocheted grille over the face.

The Pak Chador is a relatively new style from Pakistan, which consists of a large triangular scarf with two additional pieces. Other common styles of clothing popularly worn with a niqab in Western Hijab niqab sex include the khimara semi-circular flare of fabric with an opening for the face and a small triangular underscarf. A khimar is usually bust-level or longer, and can also be worn without the niqab. It is considered a fairly easy form of headscarf to wear, as there are no pins or fasteners; it is simply pulled over the head.

The niqab in Egypt has a complex and long history. On 8 OctoberEgypt's top Islamic school and the world's leading school of Hijab niqab sex Islam, Al-Azhar, banned the wearing of the niqab in classrooms and dormitories of all its affiliate schools and educational institutes.

The niqab was traditionally worn in Southern Iran from the arrival of Islam until the end of the Qajar era. There were many regional variations of niqab, which were also called ruband or pushiye. Traditionally, Iranian women wore chadors long before Islam arrived.

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The 20th century ruler, Reza Shahbanned all variations of face veil inas incompatible with his modernistic ambitions. Reza Shah ordered the police to arrest women who wore the niqab and to remove their face veils by force. This policy outraged the clerics who believed it was obligatory for women to cover their faces.

Many women gathered at the Goharshad Mosque in Mashhad with their faces covered to show their objection to the niqab ban. Between and wearing the niqab was no longer against the law, but it was considered by the government to be a "badge of backwardness. Fashionable hotels and restaurants Hijab niqab sex to admit women wearing niqabs. High schools and universities actively discouraged or even banned the niqab, though the headscarf was tolerated. After the new government of 'Islamic Republic' was established, the niqab ban was not enforced by officials.

In modern Iran, the wearing of niqab is not common and is only worn by certain ethnic minorities and a minority of Arab Muslims in the southern Iranian coastal cities, such as Bandar Abbas, Minab and Bushehr. Some women in the Arab-populated province of Khuzestan still wear niqab. Inthe constitutional Council of Islamic Ideology issued the fatwa that women are not required to wear niqab or cover their hands or feet under Shariah.

Saudi women are not required by a secular law [ citation needed ] to wear the niqab. However, the niqab is an Hijab niqab sex part of Saudi culture and in most Saudi cities including RiyadhMecca, MedinaAbhaetc. The Saudi niqab usually leaves a long open "Hijab niqab sex" for the eyes; the slot is held together by a string or narrow strip of cloth. The ban was associated with a move by the Syrian government to re-affirm Syria's traditional secular atmosphere.

On 6 April it was reported that teachers would be allowed to once again wear the niqab. Since antiquity, the Arab tradition Hijab niqab sex wearing the niqab has been practiced by women living in Yemen. Acceptance of the niqab is not universal in Yemen.

Senior Hijab niqab sex of the Al-Islah political party, Tawakel Karmanremoved her niqab at a human rights conference in and since then has called for "other women and female activists to take theirs off". Covering the face was enforced by the Taliban regime with the traditional Afghan face veil called the burka.

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The niqab is outlawed in Azerbaijan, where the overwhelming majority of the population is Muslim. Niqabi women, just like women wearing hijab, cannot work as public servants, neither can they continue studies at schools, including the private schools. Although there is no single law banning niqab at private companies, it would be nearly impossible for a niqabi woman to Hijab niqab sex work.

In Februaryan Hijab niqab sex country's unnamed ambassador to Dubai had his marriage annulled after discovering that his bride was cross-eyed and had facial hair.

The woman had worn a niqab on the occasions that the couple had met prior to the wedding. The ambassador informed the Sharia court that he had been deliberately deceived by the bride's mother, who had shown him photographs of the bride's sister. He only discovered this when he lifted the niqab to kiss his bride. The Hijab niqab sex annulled the marriage, but refused a claim for compensation.

Sultaana Freeman gained national attention in when she sued the US state of Florida for the right to wear a niqab for her driver's license photo.

One female non-Muslim student at Eastern Michigan University spent a semester in wearing a niqab for a class project she referred to the face veil as a "burqa".

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