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Depeche mode its no good lyrics


Lyrics submitted by gasmask. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Depeche Mode — It's No Good. It's No Good song meanings. Add your thoughts 44 Comments. No Replies Log in to reply.

Den Songtext von It's no...

There was an error. General Comment He'll still be there and waiting? Not to sound sociopathic but this is so fully not a love song I'm with all the 'stalker' ideas here. The music is just way, way too dark. Especially at the end, with the eerie wailing and so forth. You don't say you're "going to take your time" to make somebody "yours" when you're in love with them.

And you definitely don't say, basically that you know they're not happy without you. In my opinion, at "Depeche mode its no good lyrics." General Comment I don't consider this song stalkerish at all. In my eyes, the man sees that despite what has happened between them, they are meant to be together.

I'm going to take my...

It is evident when he says "it is written in the stars above," almost as if they are astrologically compatible. In some cases some astrological cases, people seem made for each other, so I think that is what the writer means, and when he says "the god's decree" he it supports my theory as if he means is talking about them being meant for each other in a spiritual sense. Perhaps he is delusional? When he goes on to say Then when he says Do we have 'till our worlds collide?

Then he when he says This song is by far my favorite Depeche Mode song. It is Depeche mode its no good lyrics, and reminds me of "Depeche mode its no good lyrics" depressed state of love lost. This song reminds me of a relationship that I had with a girl, in which she didn't want to admit that we were meant to be although I felt we were, and everyone else, even her friends and realatives, saw that we certainly had something rare between us.

I was raised in a very Christian home, and never believed in astrology until someone pointed this out in a book to me. Unfortunatley I never read this until after I decided to end our very close friendship. In the end she got married to someone else less then a year after we were done with each other. The song depresses me because even though it makes me feel better when I think of our relationship that never was as I had hoped it would be, I feel as if I am in some sense not living in reality and being delusional, as the writer of the song may be.

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Any response or extra insight would be welcomed. I agree although i'm not quite feeling the astrology. To me it is based on delusion and denial. How is he so sure about how she feels? He just cant let go, as shown in the chorus. But thats just me: Flag crazychick3point0 on January 25, I agree with you, to my belief it's also dark and quite romantic.

I feel totally Depeche mode its no good lyrics to this song in particular. But from the point of view of my boyfriend's eyes.

I'm going thourgh a phase with my relationship in which we are both totally crazy, and make harm to eachother with childish discussions that in a long term it has turned into frustration So I asked him to take a time, but I still long to be happy with him, and I know he's waiting for me too, he finally stopped stalking me everytime I ask him some time as he usually does, He finally understood and chose to respect my decission.

Sorry for my English mistakes, greetings from Uruguay! Flag josy on October 15, General Comment Play your game, girls. David knows you'll be back when the novelty of the other bloke wears off! Song Meaning This song is the story of dark obsessional love. His one sided affection has practically turned him into a stalker.

The object of his desire probably doesnt even know who he is, but will when its time for the restraining order. When i read the lyrics they sound like something an obsessed fan would write to a star. Maybe they got the idea from a letter sent to one of the band members. Still, this song is one of my all time favs and a must for any long distance driving. General Comment I always took the song to Depeche mode its no good lyrics about a stalker, someone obsessed with a celebrity My Interpretation I don't think this song is about denial necessarily, at least not in its purest form, nor do I think it's necessarily about a stalker.

I think this song is deliberately ironic; the lyrics to me totally express this, in true Depeche Mode fashion. This person is in love or infatuated with someone who he knows is well out of reach. He's toying with himself, kidding himself. The "It's no good" line brings everything back to Earth, illustrating his view of the reality, not the dream. The musical tone, at its edgier moments, illustrates his torture, as he deals with the unreachable.

Oops, when I posted this I forgot to say that I agreed with the user erikhertz - who basically already said this in one succinct phrase, sorry about that. Flag dawntreader on November 25, My Interpretation Thissong isnotabout lust, passion, or even love.

Perhaps its the songwriters interpretation of the stronghold heroin can have on onescharacter, since thelead singer did enter rehab.

I believe its a manifestation of ones inner conflict between thevoice telling Depeche mode its no good lyrics to take thedrug and thelittle voice ofreason which is diminishing byeach dose. Essentially the drug or addiction is speaking to him. The final repeated verseis an attempt of.

Lyrics to "It's No Good"...

The question is really, did this person give in? Flag markt on April 18, General Comment Just to add, this song is great to listen to when you feel like crap and are unsure about where a relationship could go, especially if she doesn't appear to reciprocate with her feelings nearly at all. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape!

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SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. Login with Facebook Error: Login with Google Error: User does not exist. Lyrics to 'It's No Good' Depeche mode its no good lyrics Depeche Mode. I'm gonna take my time / I have all the time in the world / Depeche mode its no good lyrics make you mine / It is written in the stars above / The. Depeche Mode - It's No Good (Letra e música para ouvir) - I'm gonna take my time / I have all the time in the world / To make you mine / It is written in the stars.

Lyrics to "It's No Good" song by Depeche Mode: I'm going to take my time I have all the time in the world To make you mine It is written in the sta.

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