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Human piss tolets


Human piss tolets someone told you, you'd never know the beets were fertilized with human urine. Pradhan and Heinonen-Tanski, environmental scientists at the University of Kuopio in Finland, grew the beets as an experiment in sustainable fertilization. They nourished the root vegetables with a combination of urine and wood ash, which they found worked as well as traditional mineral fertilizer.

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Recycling urine as fertilizer could not only make Human piss tolets and wastewater treatment more sustainable in industrialized countries, the researchers say, but also bolster food production and improve sanitation in developing countries. Urine Human piss tolets chock full of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, which are the nutrients plants need to thrive—and the main ingredients in common mineral fertilizers.

There is, of course, a steady supply of this man-made plant food: And despite the gross-out potential, urine is practically sterile when it leaves the body, Heinonen-Tanski pointed out.

Unlike feces, which can carry bacteria like salmonella and E. A small but dedicated contingent of organic gardeners in the U. But urine recycling may never become a part of large-scale farming in industrialized countries, because implementing it would mean drastically remodeling sewage systems in order to collect and transport liquid waste. It would also mean swapping regular flush toilets for separating toiletswhere a divided bowl and independent set of pipes separate urine from everything else.

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For the recent experiment with beets, the urine was obtained from specialized toilets in private homes. Heinonen-Tanski's group planted four plots of beets and treated one with mineral fertilizer, one with urine and wood ash, one solely with urine, and one with no fertilizer, as a control.

After 84 days, about beets were harvested. By subjecting some of the beets to chemical analysis, the researchers determined that all of them had comparable nutrient contents—and according to a blind taste-testing panel, their beety taste was indistinguishable.

The results were published in Human piss tolets February 10 issue of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

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Effective fertilization is not the only benefit of recycling urine, Heinonen-Tanski suggested in a review paper in the January issue of Sustainability. The separating toilets that collect urine use less water than flush toilets, she wrote, and the simplified waste stream requires less energy in sewage treatment.

He and his wife use what they collect from their separating toilet to nourish their garden at home in Sweden. Otherwise I run out of urine. Sign up for our email newsletter.

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Aroma Chemistry – The Smell...
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