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Taking control of debt, free debt advice, improving your credit score and low-cost borrowing. Renting, buying a home and choosing the right mortgage. Running a bank account, planning your finances, cutting costs, saving money and getting started with investing.

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Understanding your employment rights, dealing with redundancy, benefit entitlements and Universal Credit. Planning your retirement, automatic enrolment, types of pension and retirement income. Buying, running and selling a car, buying holiday money and sending money abroad. Protecting your home and family with the right insurance I save. Wondering whether you should save or invest? The answer depends on your goals and your financial situation.

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This guide will help you work out how to go about building up I save savings and the best way to invest money. It also covers the basics of planning out your finances for short term savings I save long term investment. Not sure how much you spend every month? Use the Budget planner to get a clear picture of your finances and work out where you might be able to cut costs.

This should include rent, food, school fees and any other essential outgoings. Set yourself savings goals and put away enough to buy what you want.

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This could be a house deposit, a wedding, or a trip. Whether or not it makes sense for you depends on your goals — specifically if they are long, short, or medium term. The stock market might go up or down in the short-term and if you invest for less than five years you might make a loss. This is where the interest you earn on your savings fails to keep up with the rate of inflation so the buying power of your money I save reduced.

For longer-term goals, you may want to consider investing because inflation can seriously affect the value of cash savings over the medium and long-term. The stock market tends I save do better than cash over the long-term providing an opportunity for greater returns I save any money invested over time. You can lower the level of risk you take when you invest by spreading your money across different types of investments.

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This is called diversification. When investing it is a good idea to consider if you would benefit from professional advice from a regulated independent financial adviser. Sorry, web chat is only available on internet browsers with JavaScript. Sorry, web I save is I save offline, our opening hours are. Give us a call for free and impartial money advice. Protecting your home and family with the right insurance policies Insurance Insurance Car insurance Life and protection insurance Home insurance Pet insurance Help with insurance Travel insurance Budget planner.

Should I save or invest my money? Are you ready to invest? A look at some goals — save or invest? Saving - is putting money aside, bit by bit.

You usually save up to pay for something specific, like a holiday, a deposit on a home, or to cover any emergencies that might crop up, like a broken boiler. Saving usually means putting your money into cash products, such as a savings account in a bank or building society.

Investing - I save taking some of your money and trying to make it grow by buying I save you think will increase in value. For example, you might invest in stocks, property, or shares in a fund. Decide whether to save or pay off debts. Do you need life insurance? "I save" our guide Diversifying — the smart way to save and invest.

Learn more in Do you need a financial adviser? Goal Situation and timescale Save or invest? I save a new car Your old car is ready to give up the ghost — you need a new one within a year. Your child is older — a couple of years away from getting married.

If your finances are fairly simple, learn How to set a savings goal. Did you find this guide helpful? Thank you for your feedback. Related guides Saving money for a mortgage deposit How to set a savings goal Emergency savings — how much is enough?

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Back to top Saving and investing How to save money. How to invest money. Web chat Sorry, web chat is only available on internet browsers with JavaScript.

Call us Give us a call for free and "I save" money advice. Your child is still very young — probably at least 15 years away from getting married. You can save as many images as you want from your VSCO library by simply tapping once on each image, and then tap Next, tap on 'Save.

Wondering whether you should save or invest? The answer depends "I save" your goals and your financial situation. This guide will help you work out how to go. MAXQDA is a database program, which means that almost all changes are automatically I save (e.g.

data imports, the creation and application of codes etc.) .

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