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Birth orgasm possible


There is good reason to believe that a few women — though no one is sure how many — experience orgasm during labor or delivery. The last thing women might expect is to feel something so good while experiencing in the midst of labor; in turn, those who do may feel embarrassed and even ashamed and might decide not to share her experience with anyone, including their partners.

Those are all understandable feelings that also make it much harder to get an accurate idea of how often orgasm during childbirth actually happens. You probably already know that pregnancy is all about hormones — in particular, estrogen, progesterone and HCG human chorionic gonadotropin.

Hormones are also essential to childbirth and to sexuality. The hormone helps move milk into the nipple for nursing, and it plays a big role in sexual arousal and orgasm too. Some research — in this case oxytocin delivered intra-nasally in a small German study of 29 couples — links the hormone to stronger orgasms Birth orgasm possible more contentment after sex. Feel-good beta endorphins, adrenaline and noradrenaline also kick in as labor pains intensify; these help give a woman the stamina she needs Birth orgasm possible complete this Herculean task and provide natural pain relief.

In fact, some researchers suggest that orgasm and sexual stimulation may be an underused pain reliever for women in labor. Though a birthgasm can happen at any time in labor, it may be likelier to occur closer to delivery, as the baby arrives in the birth canal. Some women describe a birthgasm as the most intense, incredible orgasm of their lives. Those lucky women who often have multiple orgasms have described the feeling during delivery as very intense.

Whether you want to correct the record later is Birth orgasm possible to you.

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First, let those around you — your Birth orgasm possible and your care providers, in particular — know that this is important to you. Low lighting, relaxing scents, comfy linens and a soft touch can help you relax more and counteract fears and anxiety about the pain to come.

Orgasmic birth is more common...

Consider which tools you can surround yourself with while you labor that will make you feel more calm, centered, and at home. Some frequently-used comfort measures include:. Dads are also important to the process, of course. Deep kissing, stroking and nipple stimulation may feel comforting and pleasurable. Try to simply be open to what happens.

And if you do experience feelings of sexual pleasure or release, consider that this, too, is just another part of the natural experience of having a child. The educational health content on What To Birth orgasm possible is reviewed by our Birth orgasm possible of experts to be up-to-date and in line with the latest evidence-based medical information and accepted health guidelines, including the medically reviewed What to Expect books by Heidi Murkoff.

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Although it's not entirely clear...

Although it's not entirely clear how an orgasm is possible during birth, experts say it makes perfect sense from a physiologic perspective. Orgasmic birth is rare but real, new research finds. The phenomenon may be linked with findings that vaginal stimulation reduces pain. Yes, yes, yes! You can. An orgasmic birth is not only possible, it's a good thing for you and your baby. Here's why.

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