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How to make a lasting relationship


As a young person, you may not value stability. Numerous studies have revealed that having a happy relationship with a spouse leads to improved health and can prevent loneliness among seniors.

Opposites do attract, but it is better if your relationship has core values and interests you both share. It is important that you have a similar outlook on life. Sharing core values means you can agree on the major aspects of life. A good example is the number of children you want and how you wish to raise them.

It can also help if you have similar personalities and that you come from the same background. Not having any common ground with your significant other makes it difficult to get enthusiastic about what interests him. But, physicality and attraction How to make a lasting relationship a huge role in keeping couples together, too.

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A relationship is highly unlikely to develop if there was no physical attraction in the first place. Remember, physical attraction is a key component of maintaining intimacy with your partner.

Communication is essential for the health of all relationships.

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It is, however, that much more integral in your relationship with your spouse. Ideally, you should be spending the majority of your day with your spouse. "How to make a lasting relationship" partner should be the one you turn to in times of peril. The inability to trust your spouse with your problems and concerns is sure to place a wedge between the both of you.

There are going to be countless occasions where one How to make a lasting relationship you will have to bend in order to accommodate the other. Instead, think of it as adjusting a little for the sake of your relationship. Negotiate with your partner until you reach an agreement that seems fair to both individuals. Try and come up with solutions that the both of you are somewhat content with.

Despite that, you should still consider giving it a genuine chance. Your partner will surely appreciate your effort in trying it for his sake. The more you can enjoy together, the better it is for your relationship. Making new memories together will always strengthen your relationship. Doing the same activities over and over again can make things mundane. Keep things fresh, make it a point to go to new places, meet different types people and try new activities together. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is important for personal growth and to keep your relationship exciting, too.

The idea of resolving issues as soon as possible is the easiest way of preventing the buildup of anger and feelings of resentment. Do yourselves a favor and resolve your conflicts before you go to sleep.

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Currently, she is associated as a blogger for Centra Care. Subscribe to Our Feed! Sherley Alaba Sherley Alaba is an eagle-eyed wordsmith; a writer and translator, always interested in ways which can help individuals especially youth and women reach their full creative potential. Web More Posts 1. The Secret to Discovering Your Purpose. How to Build a Long Lasting Relationship. Everyone wants a butterflies-in-your- stomach still-in-loveyears-later kind of love.

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But, based on. Cultivating harmonious passion, rather than obsessive passion, can help ensure our relationships avoid that fate. Here are three specific ways. Thriving and passionate long term relationships all share 5 key characteristics, Almost none of us begin our love relationships knowing how to do these simple.

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