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Sharing my wife with another man


If my husband told me he wanted me to sleep with someone else, it would be because he lost his ever loving mind and I would take him to the hospital. I wouldn't be interested, but it's something so far out of the realm of my husbands fantasies. He is extremely territorial. If you do decide to go for it, I would make sure you really think it through and talk it out and make some rules you are comfortable with.

I'd laugh at him. I've done a couple of things in the past.

The bond we had enabled...

We both got drunk and had sex while my DHs friend took pictures. A few months back his Marine Corps buddy came into town and I felt it ok to sit there with my boobs out drink again.

Apparently he hadn't gotten any in a while and my DH tried to convince me to give him a BJ. I thought it was ridiculous.

I think each of us...

I think this depends on the person you are. Would this bother you? How do you feel about sharing yourself with another man? Will you be able to live with yourself afterwards? My DH and I talked about a Devils three way no crossing swords at one point and after a lot of talk and I realized I don't think I would be able to live with myself afterwards and the only way I could is if it was with Alexander Skarrsgard.

The constant question that would go through my mind was "what if my Sharing my wife with another man found out? What kind of example would I be for them? Plenty of people swing or do this and have no issues with it and that's ok! I think it will take some communicating and maybe boundaries can Sharing my wife with another man placed so y'all are both comfortable with it.

I would probably slap him to regain his right mind. He does have this fantasy but it is a complete turnoff for me. We tried it with a girl for his birthday and I ended up crying the entire time. I would not feel comfortable with another man touching me. But if both parties are comfortable with it I say go for it. Make sure both of y'all talk about it in depth and detail. It needs to be thought about big time.

My SO told me the same thing. So I sat down with him and went through it action by action several times. That's when he became uncomfortable. I knew right then that it wasn't a good idea. We have women join us, but not men. I'd go for it personally but I've been there before. I do question the choice of doing it with a friend.

I've always preferred adding strangers to the mix. Basically be aware that adding your friend to the mix might end up complicating and destroying a friendship as well.

Unless you friend already has some kinks going on that you guys know about many people would be really Sharing my wife with another man off by a friend saying "Hey I have this great fantasy of you screwing my wife. But it really can scare people off. Learned that one that hard way.

That aside, it is important...

He and I have already had an open relationship. He's never actually seen me having sex with the other guy so unless he was going to join in, I'm not sure I'd want him there. But I'd personally go for it as long as I was attracted to the guy.

Unless you know for a fact that the friend would be interested, I'd pick someone else. Sharing my wife with another man don't want to make him uncomfortable while he's staying with you and im assuming far from home.

It wouldn't bother me.

Watching your wife have sex...

This friend and I have already been together a few times totally casual and my husband knows about it I actually met my husband through him.

Sex is not emotional for me, it has always been just about sex so its whatever. Trust me, our friend would be naked before my husband finished asking him! He has always had a thing for me and we have been together in the past so I don't see that being an issue! I'm not sure I would have sex with a friend of Sharing my wife with another man Mr's, but I'm not entirely sure.

Is it something your comfortable with? Are there rules for play? A lot of talking would need to take place. The Mr has an odd fantasy that I agreed to try, because he brought it up at least a dozen times. He planned it out, and dropped the idea at the last minute because he was unsure of how much he would enjoy it in the real world. Some things are just better left as fantasies. I think it would be smarter to pick a stranger than a friend.

Jealousies could show up years later. I think if you are going to do that, then have sex with someone that isn't a friend of yours. "Sharing my wife with another man" think a stranger would make it less complicated. Keep it a fantasy. Some couples can handle it, but plenty can't. If it turns out you two are in the latter category, there's a high probability it could be damaging to your marriage. Not worth it IMO.

Archived Discussion This discussion is archived and locked for posting See active discussions on Hot Topics. A Bringing another man to the bedroom. Ok, my husband just told me his fantasy is to see another man fvck me. I was surprised but not opposed to the idea.

It was a white party....

Actually it really turns me on. Our friend is coming to visit us in August and he mentioned maybe including him in some play. Im only worried that my husband may regret sharing me. What would you do if your husband or SO brought this up?

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"He especially likes the humiliation of seeing his wife enjoy sex with another man. Sometimes, he'll also be allowed to have sex with her.". Ok, my husband just told me his fantasy is to see another man fvck me. Im only worried that my husband may regret sharing me. be really put off by a friend saying "Hey I have this great fantasy of you screwing my wife.

Watching your wife have sex with another man may be a next step. A common fantasy is that the practice of wife-sharing starts when a husband catches his.

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