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Olympic beach volleyball women


The competition was held from 6 to 17 August Twenty four teams with 48 athletes around the world competed for the gold medal. Twenty-four teams were drawn in six pools of four teams. The seventh to ninth from the ranking were drawn first in pool F, E, or D.

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Then, the tenth to twelfth were drawn in pool C, B, or A. The next row was filled by the teams ranked thirteenth to seventeenth. These teams were drawn in pool A to E.

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The remaining spot of third row was filled by one of the five confederation continental cup champions. Then, the four remaining confederation continental cup champions were drawn in pool F to C. Finally, the winners and runners-up from the World Continental Cup were drawn in the last two spots. Teams from the same national Olympic committee could not be drawn in the same pool, except in the last drawing. On 3 AugustViktoria Orsi Toth from Italy was excluded from the women's tournament due to positive doping test Olympic beach volleyball women clostebol before the competition.

Her place was replaced by Laura Giombini.

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The preliminary round was a competition between the twenty four teams divided Olympic beach volleyball women six groups of four teams. This round, the teams competed in a single round-robin format.

The two highest ranked teams in each group and the two best third ranked teams advanced automatically to the knockout stage. The other four third ranked teams faced the lucky loser playoffs to take the last two spots. The fourth placed teams in each pool were ranked nineteenth in this competition. The losers from the lucky loser playoffs were tied seventeenth. The knockout stage followed the single-elimination format.

The losers in the round of sixteen were ranked ninth. The four quarter-final losers finished fifth. The winners of the semi-finals competed for gold medals and the losers played for bronze medals.

The following referees were selected for the tournament. The table below shows the ranking of third-placed teams in the preliminary round. The top two teams will advance to next round automatically. The other teams will compete for the two remaining spots. The third-ranked team will play with the sixth-ranked team, and the fourth-ranked team will play with the fifth-ranked team. The round of sixteen pair up were determined by drawing of lots.

The six first ranked teams in preliminary pools were separated automatically. Then, the lucky loser playoffs winners were drawn. The two best third ranked were drawn next. And, the last Olympic beach volleyball women belonged to the second ranked teams. The teams in the same pool from preliminary round could not meet in round of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Beach volleyball at the Summer Olympics — Women's qualification. Larissa — Talita v Birlova — Ukolova 7 August Copacabana StadiumRio de Janeiro Attendance: Larissa — Talita v Fendrick — Sweat 9 August Copacabana StadiumRio de Janeiro Referees: Fendrick — Sweat v Birlova — Ukolova 11 August Elsa — Liliana v Gallay — Klug 6 August Ludwig — Walkenhorst v Elghobashy — Nada 7 August Menegatti — Giombini v Broder — Valjas 7 August Menegatti — Giombini v Elghobashy — Nada 9 August Ludwig — Walkenhorst v Broder — Valjas 9 August Broder — Valjas v Elghobashy — Nada 11 August Ludwig — Walkenhorst v Menegatti — Giombini 11 August Bansley — Pavan v van der Vlist — van Gestel 7 August Bansley — Pavan v Heidrich — Zumkehr 10 August Heidrich — Zumkehr v van der Vlist — van Gestel 11 August Bawden — Clancy v Alfaro — C.

Charles "Olympic beach volleyball women" August Meppelink — Van Iersel v Alfaro — Olympic beach volleyball women. Charles 8 August Bawden — Clancy v Agudo — Pazo 8 August Charles v Agudo — Pazo 10 August Birlova — Ukolova v Elsa — Liliana 12 August Bansley — Pavan v Broder — Valjas 13 August Bansley — Pavan v Ludwig — Walkenhorst 14 August Larissa — Talita v Heidrich — Zumkehr 14 August Larissa — Talita v Ludwig — Walkenhorst 16 August Retrieved 7 October Retrieved 10 July Retrieved 4 August Events at the Summer Olympics.

Beach volleyball at the Summer Olympics. List of medalists List of venues.

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April Ross Kerri Walsh Jennings. Ross — Walsh Jennings. Artacho Del Solar — Laird. Meppelink — Van Iersel.

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RIO DE JANEIRO – With Rio de Janeiro hosting these Olympics, it's unsurprising that the city would want to put its own spin on the beach. Access official Olympic photos, video clips, records and results for the top Beach Volleyball medalists in the event beach volleyball Olympic beach volleyball women. Some people often wonder why the women wear the bikinis at all while When beach volleyball became an Olympic medal event in Atlanta.

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