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Pajamas Spank M


Look at me, continuing my post! Two posts in one month! This year is off to a good start…well, in terms of posts anyway. This scene was shot when I was in Vegas at an event with friends early in It was during this time when Adriana Evans and I were first starting to bond.

Anyway, during this event, I was shooting for my friend Sarah Gregory and her sites and she asked if I wanted Pajamas Spank M do a scene with Adriana. Of course I said yes!

The plot that she made up Pajamas Spank M us once again worked very, very well. Adriana was teasing me for being too babyish and always wearing overly cute things while she "Pajamas Spank M" to have a more grown up, sexy appearance. In this video, we started really fighting, and our mom, played by Miss Anna, had to come and punish us for it. Whyyyyy could those tears not have come when I was getting bathbrushed? There are no answers to these questions.

Kelley moved to the East Coast at the end of the summer, after having been a good friend who I enjoyed spending a lot of time with in LA. Before she left, we got together at her house to do one Pajamas Spank M shoot together, where we shot scenes for both Northern and for my side project, Kitchen Sink Pajamas Spank M. It was Pajamas Spank M a place that was meant to be about me, personally, though, so we filmed a couple of scenes with Kelley that fit that original concept.

Pajamas Spank M really love the sort of forced ageplay theme, and Kelley and I had very good energy together for that. Cheerleader Spankings just came out in !

It was I think the only new site this year and it was a very exciting launch. I had filmed some scenes for it before it was set up, and one of them is this Pajamas Spank M, which features me and Maddy Marks. Maddy is one of my favorite people to Top. In fact, I think she was one of the very first Pajamas Spank M I ever topped, and she was definitely the first person I topped on camera.

I like the way that Maddy responds to having mean and unfair things done to her, and playing with her in this capacity has really let me learn how to let that side of myself loose.

She gets spanked, the hairbrush and a hard paddling, all of which I take great delight in dishing out. School paddlings are tough. The scene was planned so that Maddy, Harley and I were all going to be paddled and I was going to be the first one to go.

In retrospect, that seems a little bit unfair to me: I should have taken one for the team. That all said, I know Michael Masterson very well, and he knows exactly how much I can take. We were to get ten swats total. The scene was very immersive, sitting in the chairs in the other room with the door open and listening to these authority figures talking about what was going to happen to us and knowing that it was going to happen soon.

It was very, very, very my kink. I fell deep into the headspace of a naughty student awaiting discipline and in that moment, the whole thing became completely real for me.

When I caught glances at my two friends, they looked very scared as well. I want to not like it. It was my Pajamas Spank M to come into the office and to bend over the desk to be paddled. The Dean told me to place my hands flat on the desk and to keep my feet on the floor. This is hard for me. I like to grip things and hold on for dear life, and I tend to kick my feet around a lot.

He made it clear that if I moved in either way, I was going to get extra. I knew that I needed to be still, even though it was going to be hard to. It generally looks more visually interesting on video if you move around a lot, so I had sorted of adopted that as a go-to. And I do like resisting. And I do like being overpowered.

But I found in my head a space that I used to enjoy going to a lot, where I could overpower myself. I focused Pajamas Spank M that and told myself that I was not going to move. The descriptions that I have for the first paddle swat are really, really cliche sounding.

I feel like I saw stars, my whole mind alight with how hard the swat had been. The air was practically knocked Pajamas Spank M of me, and I lingered in this very long second where I felt the impact before I felt the pain, and then everything went double fast in order to catch up.

The second swat followed directly. It was still hard, but not as shockingly so. The third swat brought me to tears, which was a relief. And it let some of the tension out of my body. After the third swat, I knew Pajamas Spank M had two more to go before there was a break as the Tops switched.

This meant that I was more than halfway to my first goal. But there is a sort of truth to it: Not resisting or panicking. So I got Pajamas Spank M to that point, and I cried a lot. The last two swats seemed close together in my mind. We switched over to Kelley paddling me, and I was honestly a bit surprised by how hard her first swat was.

My bottom was already incredibly sore from the swats that had come before and I was already in tears when she started spanking me, but at least my resistance was pretty gone. I counted each swat so carefully in my head. I actually made a little puddle of tears on the desk, I think. When the paddling was over, I was told to go sit back outside and listen to Maddy and Harley as they got their spankings.

I kept crying for a little while as I sat there, but I was a little bit less immersed in the scene. I was out of it just enough to be sky high happy about what an intense experience I had just had. I was so sore when this scene was over. My butt felt swollen and like it should be absolutely purple. But by the time that my friends had finished receiving their punishments and we all lined up to show off our marks, I was hardly even pink.

I appreciate the fact that my body recovers quickly in terms of color, because it allows me to continue to shoot after doing tough scenes like this.

Drop-seat pajamas, also known as...

Pajamas Spank M scene was particularly fun because it was a group scene that involved a lot of people that I really like: By Order of the Court was a custom film. It took a lot of planning to do: I particularly like doing customs. It just so happened that the script for this scene was a fantasy that I really enjoy: The film has no explicit setting but it has a generically English feeling, especially because of the fact that in addition to caning, one of us got Pajamas Spank M birch.

The one of us was me! This was my first proper birching. Previous to this I had gotten a few strokes from Pandora Blake during a photoset we did for Dreams of Spanking and Paul had given we a couple of strokes over my leggings when we were in the Inveraray Jail Museum in Scotland.

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So, I was very curious to discover what full force strokes of the birch on the bare felt. I could take a guess and say that they were going Pajamas Spank M hurt. When we arrived at the house that we had rented in order to do this film, we immediately started to look for branches that might be suitable for making birches.

We pulled into the driveway, opened the house up, checked the rooms and then got right to work stripping long, thing, flexible branches off the trees. There had been no appropriate ones near our house.

M/f and colorized variant by...

I was somewhat embarrassed to be looking for appropriate birch making materials in a public park, but Paul assured me that there was nothing weird about it. Paul lightheartedly joked that we were going to make a wreath. We filmed the scene the next day. It involved the first three girls each getting 25 strokes of the cane, followed by me receiving my birching.

I was fascinated by watching their different reactions to Pajamas Spank M punishment. After watching him deliver 75 cane strokes, it was time for me to get my birching. I was nervous, but mostly excited to see what it would be like. What it was like was extremely stingy.

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Despite being bundled together, it Pajamas Spank M bore almost no weight. It was the whippiness of a switch but spread across a wider area of my bottom. It did have less bite because of that. It still left me whimpering and gasping.

When it was finished, I was a little endorphin high and very sore. My friends were obviously in similar states. The full scene is over 40 minutes long, but the whole thing is Pajamas Spank M engaging to watch. I highly recommend it. M/f and colorized variant by an unknown artist based on the above drawing by For these reasons, spankophiles often love pajamas (and other mainstream. This is how way too many of Pajamas Spank M “spanked because of shopping” I stood there like a deer in headlights looking at the cutest pajamas I'd ever.

She decides that I can't make good choices on my own, and that she's going to spank me for staying up all night. She does exactly that, then.

Look at me, continuing my post! Two posts in an individual month! That year is nutty to a morality start…well, in terms of posts anyway. That display was marksman when I was in Vegas at an anyway in the reality with littles brother betimes in It was when that for the moment when Adriana Evans and I were foremost starting to checks. Anyway, mid that episode, I was shooting benefit of my comrade Sarah Gregory and her sites and she asked if I wanted to do a part with Adriana.

Of class I said yes!

Pajama spanking

That strict Mistress Wife subjects her sub husband to a session with her hairbrush before she allows him to go to sleep. She stretches him across the bed and pulls down his pajama bottom. The longer the list the longer his spanking. See more Female-Led Spankings. When my helpmate tells me to arrive at ready for bed I know I am active to get a brisk.

This order means I am to put on my pajamas that were purchased specifically for my punishment. She pulls the bottoms down and lectures me about my misdeeds. She spanks me with a leather strap she made me buy. On several occasions I slept on my tummy all night as my behind was too tender to sleep on.

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Why are so many people on here bitter? Jenni - Spanked in her Pajamas. a bare bottom hand and hairbrush spanking for drinking beer in the girl's dorm. Subscribe to My Videos. Drop-seat pajamas, also known as blanket sleepers, footed pajamas or Dr. Example M/F drop-seat pajamas spanking photo on The Spanking Blog Warning: ..

  • The conditions were that I would be quick and just get the items I was going in for; no wandering around and no getting sidetracked by non-essential items.
  • M/f and colorized variant by an unknown artist based on the above drawing by For these reasons, spankophiles often love pajamas (and other mainstream.
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Pajamas also spelled pyjamas and also colloquially called pjs or jammies are an item of clothing used mainly as sleepwear nightwear. The word "pyjama" was incorporated into the English language from Hindustani. Today, people can mean different things by this word, but the most common is a loose, two-piece garment that consists of trousers and a jacket, made of lightweight and comfortable fabric.

The trousers can be short or long, buttoned or equipped with a drawstring or an elastic waistband. The jacket can be short or long-sleeved, and optionally buttoned in the front.

Usually short-sleeved jackets come with short trousers and long-sleeved jackets come with long trousers. Pajamas are often worn with bare feet but sometimes with socks especially in northern areas. Women usually don't wear a bra under pajamas because it more comfortable during sleep this way.

Pajamas as nightwear had first appeared in Britain c. By the early 20th century they had replaced nightshirts as the dominant style of sleepwear for men and boys in much of the Western world. Still, men continued to wear nightshirts as well until the midth century.

Women and girls also began to gradually wear pajamas, but this development came a few decades later. So pajamas, which had started as a male -only garment, became unisex , and nightshirts, which had previously been unisex, became female -only.

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I spanked her with my pajamas

Submissive Husband’s Pajama Spanking

That thing just feels like little lightning strikes. It was very, very, very my kink. So very hard spankings were in order! The scene was very immersive, sitting in the chairs in the other room with the door open and listening to these authority figures talking about what was going to happen to us and knowing that it was going to happen soon. Then she got this rough-textured blanket think polyester waffle-weave with the finger-feel of burlap and would wrap herself in it like a burrito as soon as she came to bed, so that my habit of reaching over to touch her would be thwarted with surpassing thoroughness.

And I do like resisting. In addition, they can be seen as a " sexy " garment because the wearer is usually naked or nearly naked under the loose-fitting garment which provides easy access to both the upper body under the jacket and the lower body buttocks , genitals and legs region.


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