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Cbs survivor couples dating anniversary poster


The first one is July 29th: Happy Birthday, Sylvester Stallone. Seinfeld debuted on this day in Get the list here. Snag some concert tickets with the Ticket Window.

The Star Wars Han Solo f i lm has a great logo. I find this very interesting. Former Van Halen manager, Noel E. Look for FUN Happy National Best Friends Day! Happy Birthday to the late, great Prince. Forrest Gump starring Tom Hanks is one of my favorite flicks ever and it was released in June of Tickets go on sale, Monday June 12th.

Germanfest is this week at Headwaters Park! Get a look at all of the area Festivals and Fairs here. Big Star has great songs, period. Wonder Woman is probably one of the better superhero flicks to come along in quite some time. I really like Wide Awake In America and all the rest. My personal favorite track has always been Bullet The Blue Sky…. U2 has a lot of love and hate from people, but I like their material. Cbs survivor couples dating anniversary poster the tv tidbits: One of those is Radio Stories from myself and others, including the airstaff here at our three stations.

This will be something different from my time on the radio. The Beatles are by far, one of my favorite bands ever. I love all of their albums, in particular Revolver, Rubber Soul and Sgt.

Survivor couple rob and amber...

This month marks the 50th anniversary of this iconic album. It will debut August 8th via Apple. CBS debuts Candy Crush. Netflix debuts The Defenders.

Amazon debuts The Tick. Billy Ocean and Goldfinger. Alice Cooper10cc and The Cars. The Mummy starring Tom Cruise. The Last Knight starring Mark Wahlberg. Homecoming starring Tom Holland. Dunkirk starring Tom Hardy. Happy Birthday to the incredible, Stevie Nicks!

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A Bruce Springsteen photo book is coming from Frank Stefanko. Happy Birthday, Bob Dylan! Elton John takes the artists of today to task for lack of talent.

Another Terminator flick for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Bruce Willis will star in Reprisal. Tom Cruise says Top Gun sequel will begin filming next year. Homecoming trailer starring Tom Holland! Star Wars cast is on four different Vanity Fair covers.

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It tackles the world of record labels and radio and that nasty word payola. The record business is lead by a couple of groups of people: In this world, there have appeared to be times where sometimes anything would be done to get a song played on radio stations.


This is a great piece from Wired. Roseanne is returning to ABC in My kids like Shrek a lot, as do I. Shrek first appeared in a book by William Steig. Y ou should get it sometime. This is the week for the TV Upfronts, where the television networks announce their fall tv schedules.

Spike will soon become the Paramount Network in and one of the first tv projects is a drama called Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner. I love my job working with these radio stations. I feel very lucky to work with some fantastic people. Twin Peaks returns and this time on Showtime. June … Harry Potter fans will like this: Wizarding World Cbs survivor couples dating anniversary poster Club launches!

Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot. Seinfeld starring Jerry and the gang tv anniversary. Greatest Solar Eclipse in history is expected!

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September means Fall TVmusicmovies. May the 4th be with you. TBS is having a Star Wars marathon! The Sopranos… Great writing and great writing. Superb storytelling and although a glimpse into the underworld. I like quality dramas that have a dark, sometimes seedy side to them. Many of the characters, especially Tony Soprano, have a very relatable and likable quality to them in many Cbs survivor couples dating anniversary poster. We all have issues in life.

Find me elsewhere… FacebookTwitterInstagram. Starz American Gods debuts this weekend. Will Smith is bringing some nostalgia. Madonna is not happy about Blonde Ambition, the bioflick. Bruce Springsteen talks Director Jonathan Demme.

Prince Purple Rain reissue will have some extras. Mike Myers is set to star as Austin Powers again! Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to be a villain…again.

Bruce Willis is set for Unbreakable Trilogy. This month marks the 10th Anniversary of Funny Or Die! Life is an adventure for all of us. My story began in Muncie, Indiana, where I born in August of and adopted very soon after.

I do know that being adopted does different things for different people. I look at it in a positive light. My biological folks did it because they loved me and wanted me to have a better life. I Cbs survivor couples dating anniversary poster say this that being adopted helped to develop me as a person more than most people realize. I think a lot of it stems from not letting people too close to me.

We all go through that at times in life. I grew up a very shy, quiet, nerdy kid with OCD but not at a Monk level that loved a few things…playing the drums, radio and music in general, some sports and girls, girls, girls. I can open up and turn it on anytime and most people would never realize. I just try to have fun and be nice to people.

Radio and music became an escape for me. It never left me…ever. My kids are my world… Emily and Andrew and they are great kids and are a daily inspiration to me.

So, here I am… a passionate, full of fire Leo, 45 and in the dating life and working a lot and loving life for the most part and taking life lessons every step of the way. You can get details on the City of Fort Wayne Facebook. Tapestry with Ann Curry at Memorial Coliseum. Michiana Wine Festival at Headwaters Park…pm…with live music, food trucks, craft market and wine sampling from over wineries.

John Tory reacts to death of broadcasting couple in reported car crash in Mexico · Police asking for help identifying owner of Air Date: November 6. Koh-Lanta, the French version of Survivor, was filming its 16th There have been dozens of different versions of Survivor - in the U.S., the 26th season is currently airing on CBS. A poster calling for information on Emanuela Orlandi, who.

during PDA-packed lunch date in New York The couple couldn't.

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Jon Misch and Jaclyn Schultz dating couple and contestants on Survivor:. Buy the Survivor Redemption Island Wood Sign from the official CBS store's Survivor shop.

IllustrationsCute CatsCat and dog picturesCat art PosterPrint & Patterns Gear The Complete Buff Collection - CBS Survivor Anniversary Buff- Blue.

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