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Best toys for women


Luckily, there are some sex toys out there that are totally discreet, either in design, noise or even storage and below I have created a list just for you on all of my favourite discreet beauties.

Take him along to the bath with you and unleash the incredible 3 speeds and 3 patterns that he has hiding inside of him. Made from skin-safe rubber and although modelled from the classic rubber duckie, this little fella has all of the right curves and places to really get into them hard to reach areas.

I was not expecting it to pack such a punch. This thing is amazing! The full body on my clitoral area has a relaxing, calming effect. The beak envelops my clit nicely, and creates intensely pleasurable sensations. This finger bullet is not just small and compact in design but it is so easy to Best toys for women away.

Strong, pinpoint stimulation is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the powerful orgasms this discreet little vibrator can deliver to you. For such a small, subtle and discreet toy it sure is powerful, which surprised me, and it truly did exceed my expectations. This device pops straight onto the end of your toothbrush Best toys for women gives you absolutely precise, pinpoint pleasure.

Extremely discreet in design, non-intimidating, easy to use and so easy to hide. This electric toothbrush clitoral vibrator is Best toys for women for anyone looking for something that not one soul will guess at unless they have one of their own! This brings on a powerful climax so quickly. I can use in in the shower every morning for a happy ending and my kids have no idea, and if they hear it they are thinking I am cleaning my teeth.

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I have it hidden in a secret spot in the bathroom which I can easily grab every time. If you know about sex toys you will know that the sister of this mini wand is an absolute dream and is probably one of the most popular sex toys on Best toys for women market.

However, this miniature version is just as powerful and half the size. The head which is very flexible is extremely soft and very versatile. The handle fits so well into the palm of your hand. As always, it arrived in a discreet box and ready for use once batteries are put in the toy.

Unless you have someone in your life who is constantly going through your makeup this lipstick vibrator will never be found. Take it anywhere with you inside your makeup bag, handbag or just slip it into your back pocket. Totally discreet and designed at an angle for precise precision on your clitoris and nipples.

This Best toys for women tiny but oh my god does it have power small but very mighty! Small enough to fit into your pocket this oral sex simulator is revolutionary.

Travel-friendly, discreet and small enough to take or leave absolutely anywhere without any suspicion, this oral sex toy is more than worthy of its place on this list.

However, if you want something even better than this I suggest checking out my review on the womanizer Wit changed the way I look at oral sex forever and is just as discreet. I found the feelings it gave me to be intense and extremely satisfying, literally took me less than Best toys for women minute to reach orgasm!

Strangely, it felt quite real although the tongues on the wheel are not as wide as a real tongue I found I reached orgasm faster as the Sqweel maintained its pace without faltering. I found it to be a brilliant clitoral stimulant with instant stimulation, and it also felt quite nice against my nipples too!

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With 8 incredible patterns and 12 breathtaking intensities, it will be hard to put this luxury toy down. The pebble shape makes it ideal to fit snuggly and it even has a tapered tip that will play and caress Best toys for women clitoris like never before. This luxury toy even comes with a storage case to keep it hidden away at all times when not in use.

Vibrations are so strong too, you need this in your life! I think even I would struggle to tell you what this was if it was put in front of me. Waterproof and USB rechargeable, this discreet little piece of heaven can go anywhere with you without even raising an eyebrow. It also includes a drawstring bag for easy storage and even has one of the most powerful and intense vibrations out there that send the majority of women into complete ecstasy from the moment it begins.

With its angled tip, 8 vibration settings, USB rechargeable powerhouse and whisper-quiet sounds, you will never put this down. Each different angle of its shape provided individual and changing stimulus creating euphoric sensations unlike any other. Its solid form in contrast to its silky exterior allowed for expert precision when applied to and around my clitoris, making for a highly erotic experience.

Petite and discreet for easy storage and travel, this bullet vibrator has over wonderful reviews on one website alone. Totally waterproof, sleek in design and "Best toys for women" than user-friendly this is not only powerful but a great travel companion. Small, quiet, discreet and very powerful. Does the job every time. Highly recommended and at this price a bargain. This sex toy is the toy of all toys.

With 8 astounding intensity speeds and an absolutely amazing minutes of play, this toy is something we have all been waiting for. It comes with a storage bag although you may never ever Best toys for women to put it down again once you see what it can do.

If you want a more in detail review of this awesome sex toy you can read my review on it here.

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I have never felt anything like this before. Using this toy not only made me reach the big O, but I squirted too. For the very first time in my life. It can be hard, especially if you live with friends or family and so I hope some of these Best toys for women help. Finding the perfect hiding place: Try not to leave your toys somewhere obvious, like next to your bed. Anywhere that nobody ever looks, get creative.

Always put it away: Make sure to get into the routine of putting them back in their hiding "Best toys for women" once you are done. Get something waterproof so you can use it in the shower away from people: A lot of the toys mentioned above are waterproof and so are perfect for those people that only get some quiet time in the shower or bath. Take batteries out if possible: This tip may sound silly but it will help you out. If someone finds your lipstick vibrator or any of your toys for that matter, make sure you have removed the batteries after use.

Place with other items non-sexual: Such as leaving the rubber duck in the bathroom cabinet. Some sex toys come with their own storage boxes or bags and this is one of the Best toys for women things to look out for.

You can easily find a little lock to place around the zip or strings that will keep unwanted hands, out. Your email address will not be published. Super easy to clean and outstandingly discreet, bath times will never be the same again. What Others Have Said: A lot of the reviews also claim they climaxed in the first few minutes of turning it on… Some More Reviews: Discreet in design and easy to hide away, the mini wand vibrator is an absolute dream.

Lipstick Vibrator Unless you have someone in your life who is constantly going through your makeup this lipstick vibrator will never be found. More Thoughts From Customers: This toy has some amazing reviews and it never really ever fails to please its lovers. What Other Customers Have Said: You just have to read the reviews to see how much people are loving it.

More Thoughts From Users: Other Opinions From Customers: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. We're delving into how women approach the things they're taught to be you feel good and helping you communicate with a partner, sex toys.

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4 days ago If there were awards for the best sex toys ever invented, these 10 vibrators, dildosand strap-ons would have my vote. Keeping your sex toys discreet in appearance is essential for a lot of people and so i put Top 10 Of The Best Discreet Sex Toys For Women.