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If i like a girl what should i do


Maybe it is just a guy thing but sometimes we take it for granted that because we like a girl romantically that she feels the same way. Even if we have been dating the same girl for a couple of weeks we always jump to the conclusion that she is now your girlfriend, even if neither of you have discussed your official status. Girls in one respect are just the same as guys, they too like to go out sometimes with guys just for fun, with no romantic connotations whatsoever; You know the one, a casual relationship with no strings attatched.

Of course if you have both been dating for a couple of weeks then the chances are that you are both on a similar wavelength and are developing feelings for each another. Maybe now could be the time to ask her if she would like to make it official and become your girlfriend.

So what should you do?...

Have you ever noticed that if you are seen talking to a girl for more than ten seconds your friends and especially your parents assume that you like her and that she is your girlfriend? Parents are really annoying and if you go out with a girl for a second time Mum and dad begin planning your engagement party; Go out for a third date and the wedding bells begin ringing in your parents ears as they arrange the seating for the reception.

Asking a girl that you have been dating for a while to be your girlfriend may seem like a pointless waste of time and energy but there is a good reason that you should. Commitment is a big thing for a girl, she likes to know where she stands with you, she likes to know that you are serious about her If i like a girl what should i do of course she likes to know that you feel the same way about her as she does about you.

A simple question, Will you be my Girlfriend? So you and this beautiful girl have been dating for a couple of weeks and you realise that you are developing some feelings for her, the odds are in your favor that she is developing the same feelings for you too. Even if you think that that she considers you to be her boyfriend, It is only right that you ask her about becoming If i like a girl what should i do girlfriend even if it is a formality, that way you both know exactly where you both stand in your relationship and to make it official.

Once you have made your decision to ask her to be your girlfriend take action don't wait for the right time, you can't afford to wait too long because if you miss your chance you could lose her to someone else. On the other hand, though don't run up to her in the middle of the street and shout out in front of all of her friends "Will You Be My Girlfriend," although it may sound romantic it would embarrass her and she probably wouldn't want to see you ever again.

Make the right time; try not to think of what you are going to say because no matter how many times you rehearse it in your head things never go according to plan. Whether you take her out for a meal, a walk in the park, or a walk along the beach. Test the water before you ask the question "I really like you a lot" is a great opener if she replies with something similar then it's the perfect time to ask the question," Will you be my girlfriend"? Girls like a small personal token from you not something that you have run out and bought, your class ring if you have one, the chain that you wear around your neck or even the sweater that you are wearing, anything that you have on your person that you wear or use regularly.

This token item is to prove your commitment to her. If she says yes, don't jump up screaming yes you beauty! If she just wants to be a friend, then the best thing that you can do is to accept that she does not feel the same way about you. Be there for her as a friend whenever she needs you to be. Looks do not matter as much as people think they do; it is what is inside that matters.

Personality and confidence are the things that make you. I have asked someone to be my girlfriend, and she said she will think about it. Do I have a chance? I asked her for the third time to be my girlfriend, and she still says that she's not ready. What should I do?

The simple answer is to wait until she is ready, stop asking her or it can come across as creepy or desperate. Give her time, and maybe when she is ready she will let you know. What do I do if I ask a girl out and midway through the relationship she tells me that she had If i like a girl what should i do boyfriend before? She is with you now and that is what matters, dont worry about the past and live for the moment.

It's time to move on. You cant force anyone to feel the same way that you do about them. If she has feelings for you, then it may be that she is just not ready to have a relationship.

Give her some time and the answer may be different. Dating is about getting to know each other; likes, dislikes, how you feel, how she feels, it is how you discover if you might be good for each other, or if you just don't gel.

She is probably scared of saying something stupid or "If i like a girl what should i do" across as dumb and gets tongue-tied when she is around you. Instead of making herself look silly or saying something foolish she walks away to try again maybe another day. Sign in or sign up and post using If i like a girl what should i do HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

I like a girl we are in 7th grade I know she likes me but she is I a relationship what do I do. I like a girl in fourth grade and she is about the same age as I. I wanted to ask her if she could be my girlfriend, but I'm scared that I would get rejected and she would tell everyone. I like a girl, who is same as my age 25, but the problem is now i am final year college student hence I don't have a job, I suspect her parents are searching for a bride, if i get employed i'll surely start chatting with her, yes even for chatting i feel afraid before i become independent, she is having a elder brother unmarried who is presently doing his higher studies, I hope her parents may delay her marriage.

Any advice on this guyzz. I love a girl in primary schoolI'm only 10 but I think she loves me as well but I'm dying to kiss hershes so pretty! I love a girl. I have a big problem here,I like this girl,but I dont know how to ask her to be my girl. Im not sure how to start the conversation with her can you plz help me? Cause I really like her. I know a girl in my class and I really like her but so does my best friends but im ugly: How could I ask her out without being nervous?

I'm 11 and a girl there's a boy that always shows off for me He told me today that he was in love and we are not even going out!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is this girl I like, we are in 8th grade, i have some of the same classes as her and she is very nice.

In our school like many others she is one of the more popular kids, I am near the middle. She plays volleyball and basketball and I play baseball and basketball. What I think hurt my chances is that now she probably thinks of me as a friend. One night me and her sat on our iPads emailing each other all night and part of the next day. Every day I want to tell her I like her a lot or even love her, but I dont. Should I tell her how I feel, spend a lot of time with her so that she might fell the same way, or just try to supress this "crush".

The only thing is maybe it isnt a crush. If anyone could help me out I would appriciate it a lot. Hi I have been trying to get a girl for 2 months, I have finally found one!

Please advice, advice i do not want to spoil this one she is HOT! Well I finally asked her out but she said don't tell anyone so I didn't but then after we stopped a theatre show we did together she stopped texting me.

It has been 3 months should I text her or wait I will have to see her in a month what do I say. This is for the guys who are ages 17, 18 and 19 how can i get this guy to text me back and ask me out he has told my mom that he liked me but when i found out i texted him and he said that he did not know if he liked me and that he had a GF who is his Ex now but i dont know what i should do on his birthday i texted him happy birthday but he never said anything back and he is single now but he has told a few people that he is not going to date any other girls and i am not like alot of them girls.

I am a 16 year old girl to tony i think she likes you but she is playing hard to get so what i would do is when she is with her friends and she tells them that you are her BF say no i am not i have a girlfriend then she might tell you if she likes you or not.

Hey,there is dis girl I like whenever we go out she introduces me to her friends as her boyfriend but wen I tell her I like her she saids she's already datin I really need help Ok so I have a question. There is a girl I like who likes me back and whenever we see each other we flirt. It's quite obvious that we both really like each other.

As of yesterday, she sits next to me in tech I should really thank my teacher for that. We don't really know each other too well. Here is my question: Should I ask her out right away, or strike up a friendship and get to know her first? Jamie if you're wondering what seventh grade is its if you're you're in seventh grade and I think that's eighth year in Britain but I'm not sure and is in eighth grade ninth year for you I think and so on.

I am 14 yrs old and I am crazy for this girl I know. I berarlly see he I only see her about 3 hours a week and I don't know what to say to her I freeze up when I talk to If i like a girl what should i do and my responses to what she says end up being, "ya. And how can I build the courage to talk to her?

I have several guy friends...

So there's this girl I txt and she likes me and my friend. Me and her went out once but broke up and I don't like her that much but she likes me. Bye the way, me her and my friend are Hey marcus I'm adhd too one thing that worked for me is to just start quietly flirting with the girl like in the middle of class just try to catch her eye and when you do smile or hold her gaze or if you're doing an activity where you hold somebodys hand try to be near her.

Also just "accidentally" bump into her or brush against her in the hall. Another thing that works is if you're good at something show off to her. Don't be a total a-hole just sorta do it nonchalantly like at show and tell or something.

Like if you're good at sports be sure to do something cool and pretend to be showing it to your friends but make sure she's around. Ok so I'm in sixth grade and I like this girl on my team. She is a little taller than me, we're both not that popular but we have a decent number of friends, we're both some of the smartest If i like a girl what should i do on her team, and I think she has noticed these things just as much as I have.

She is taking every chance she gets to stand or sit as close to me as possible, catch my eye, hold my hand, or just have a conversation.

When you tell her how...

I want to ask her out but I have two problems. Her friend, who I've known since kindergarten I met the other girl in the beginning of the year seems to not approve. I'm not sure if the one I like told her, but lately the friend has been trying to get between us. I'm generally shy around girls and my face turns red and stuff. That and I don't know when or where or how to ask her out, and how to avoid her friend while doing it.

Will You Be My Girlfriend?

Does this mean I'm gay? Do you want to stare at this girl for socially unacceptable amounts of time? Do you think she smells like good poetry?.

Especially if you know that you make a lot more money than her, you should pick up the check. This is a great way to show rather than tell a girl you like her. What You Absolute Must Do To Get a Girl To Like You If you have your eye on a special girl and you want to make a girl like you, then you must ask yourself.

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  • I have several guy friends who liked a girl once but...
  • You want to tell the special girl in your life that you like her.
  • When you tell her how you feel, don't do it when there are...

A simple trick that solves the age old question: The problem is that guys tend to remember larger things and women appreciate the details. Do you remember what she was wearing the first time you saw her?

Probably not… but she will. One of the gurus on this subject is David DeAngelo , he teaches guys how to create massive attraction in any situation. The more your truly devote yourself to that situation, the more the little details will stick. Contrastingly, the more you are aloof and distracted, the more you will miss the subtle little details that show her that you really care.

Humans, especially women, need to know that you really care, and being knowledgeable of the little details is one of the best ways to show this. Not to mention, the little details of your relationship are things that only you two share. Bring them up if they are appropriate, but sprinkle them throughout your interactions instead of fully using them.


What You Absolute Must Do To Get a Girl To Like You

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Ask women out at a grocery store? When you tell her how you feel, don't do it when there are a bunch of other people I would really like it if you would come with me so that we could have some. Does this mean I'm gay? Do you want to stare at this girl for socially unacceptable amounts of time? Do you think she smells like good poetry?..

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What if he asks me again??? Do you remember what she was wearing the first time you saw her? Be there for her as a friend whenever she needs you to be. School is going to be out real soon for Christmas. I am 15 now, I have been in love with this girl since I was I'm not a pro yet, but I'm developing skills.

How to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend


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If i like a girl what should i do
  • Maybe it is just a guy thing but sometimes we take it for granted that because we like a girl romantically that she feels the same way.
  • What You Absolute Must Do To Get a Girl To Like You
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  • The Best Ways to Tell a Girl You Like Her Without Getting Rejected
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