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Although the practice is legal in the Muslim-majority nation, there are restrictions on having more than one wife and it is widely frowned upon in society. Previous attempts in the country to promote a polygamous lifestyle — which some Muslim men regard as a sign of virtue — have met fierce opposition. Inwell-known cleric and businessman Abdullah Gymnastiar faced a public outcry after taking a second wife.

His once loyal followers boycotted his television shows and businesses. He quickly lost his television contracts, and some of his companies were forced to close. He says public education about the Indonesian women white men way to practise polygamy has been lacking.

Negative perceptions of polygamy stem in part from the fact that many men enter another marriage without the blessing of their existing wife or wives, which creates friction and often leads to divorce.

A woman entering such a polygamous relationship is commonly labelled a home wrecker. Although DPI was only set up last year, Zaeni says he has been involved in pro-polygamy campaigns since The group organised Indonesian women white men, provided counselling to members, and hosted discussions on social media and through a WhatsApp group.

The events have been so popular, he says, that DPI is launching a new programme — a pre-polygamy seminar directed at single young people who are interested in the idea of a polygamous relationship. The first will be held in Jakarta later this month, followed by one in Surabaya in February.

DPI is not the only platform to spring up in support of polygamy over the past year. Last April, around the time Zaeni held his first seminar, Lindu Cipta Pranayama launched AyoPoligami, a Tinder-like mobile app aimed at helping pro-polygamy Muslims find partners.

Lindu, 34, says he originally developed the app for personal "Indonesian women white men," having never being married. Then it dawned on me: Although Lindu set out to build a conventional dating platform, he changed course after interviewing fellow dating site users while he was conducting informal research. After five months of operation, Lindu shut it down and erased all 56, user profiles when it was discovered that almost half of them were fake.

Under Indonesia's marriage law, a...

A month earlier, a writer for Magdalene, a feminist online publication, reported that she had gone undercover as an AyoPoligami user, Indonesian women white men to be approached by men asking for her photo, or soliciting her for an extramarital affair.

The revamped app has so far received 30, user applications, but only 2, users have managed to provide all the required paperwork, he says. She says that despite recent campaigns in support of polygamy, it remains socially undesirable in Indonesia.

When a society Indonesian women white men faced with moral dilemmas, its citizens tend to view complex problems affecting them from a moral standpoint, she says. This is moral panic. Siti Ruhaini says most proponents of polygamous marriage in Indonesia justify the practice by claiming it is Islamic practice. However, polygamy was a fact of life long before the arrival of Islam, and the religion merely set out to humanise it, she says. But the book also puts a strong emphasis on fairness and equality in marriage.

It is suggested … that if men cannot be fair to each wife, then they should only take one wife. Skip to main content. Thursday, 11 January,8: Wednesday, 25 April, Related topics Indonesia Weddings Gender equality. More on this story.

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Society Is Southeast Asia going backwards when it comes to gender equality? Southeast Asia Lion Air pilot made radio alert hours before air disaster 2 Nov Indonesian dating app stirs controversy over polygamy Inwell-known cleric and businessman Abdullah Gymnastiar faced a public outcry after taking a second wife. There used to be negative propaganda everywhere when it came to polygamy, Indonesian women white men the mass media helped exacerbate the stigma. You are signed up. We think you'd also like.

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