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If love is the answer then what is the question


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When you know love is...

My mind was stuck to the question of one of the candidates from Mutya ng Pilipinas It was quite a good kick to the brain of the contestant and it gave a hoo-ha face to the judges. I was even confused but intrigued to the whole idea of the question. If love is the answer, what should be the question? So, my sister asked me the same question. If If love is the answer then what is the question were the candidate, what should be my answer? How does that relate to the question?

You know the answer is love, would you still ask? And I laughed again at her confused face. I guess you are confused too. To be serious, love could be the answer of any question of problem in this world. It could be the answer of indifference, hatred, anger, corruption and the like, but the thing is what should be the best and right question to the answer? I tried to ask some friends and out of their answers I got a pretty good one from Bob.

To understand, you must question the answer. And this goes to show the wispy side of man. Ask a woman, she probably has a million definition of love. Moving forward, if you happened to drop by and liked brainpickings like what I did, you would probably find in their shelves a book about history of love. Yes, you heard it right, History of Love.

If Love is the Answer...

When was the first incident when man and woman fell in love? When did they discover that it was love? How was love back then? Then again, love is as vague as humans. There are still certain things which are yet to discover. When should we learn and understand to question the answer and answer the question?

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If Love is the Answer...

the question is: what is something that all people believe in but it doesn't really exist??. If love is the answer Then what is that question? Share. Tweet. Stumble. Pin It. Email. CheezCake. CheezCake · DIY · Hot · Life in Style · Love & Relationships .

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