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In my everyday life, I talk about these feelings quite a lot. But Wee Gypsy Girl keeps them on mute, focussing instead on the best bits. Of course, life here has its low points too. This morning I woke up and went through the same routine I follow everyday.

I was in pretty high spirits by the time I left the house, probably due to the huge cafetiere of coffee that I had demolished just before leaving, and I was ready for the Man Gay Men Fat Chubby Hairy Andnot Women Female ahead.

I got to the bus stop a few minutes early and was just admiring the scenery- yesterday it had rained, so today the skies were completely blue and clear. I felt really content at that time. He caught me off guard so I just walked away from him, gave him a firm yes and nice snide look. I wish I had made a bit of a scene and told him to fuck off, but as it always goes, we only know the best thing to do in hindsight.

The guy actually also grabbed my arm on the street a couple of weeks ago and asked me where I worked. I pushed him away and walked away from him. A guy asked me if I had a boyfriend.

Why am I so angry? Am I making mountains out of mole hills? A lot of Korean men not all, but a lot have less respect towards foreign girls than they do towards Korean girls. The man at the bus stop had no respect towards me. The sort of small talk that I have with curious locals at the bus stop almost everyday.

Seriously, some folk need to take their heads out of their arses. I hear people talk about Korea like it is a huge utopia with no crime. Yeah, you might not get stabbed or shot or gang-raped. But it absolutely should be. Now before I start this, I just want to point out that there are so many great things about living here in Korea.

I have some really kind and amazing Korean friends and co-workers. Korea has plenty of warts. But so does every country. This is an account of my experience living in Korea as a foreign expat. This is the most personal, and honest, post that I have ever written.

I hope that my Korean friends and readers can accept what I have to say. The same way that I would accept what any expat living in Scotland would have to say about my country.

The country has more plastic surgery clinics Man Gay Men Fat Chubby Hairy Andnot Women Female capita than anywhere else in the world. From a young age, girls are undertaking drastic measures to change their appearance. Last year, the middle school students who I taught told me that their parents would get them plastic surgery if they got a good result in their high school tests.

Not because they wanted to become a doctor, a journalist, or even the president. Because they wanted to change their face. That is just so heartbreaking to me, that they feel that pressure to completely change the way they look at such a young age, and that their parents fully support them on that. I have a lot of acne scars and often have Korean women trying to give me advice and recommend different dermatologists to me.

I know that even if I spend 30 minutes highlighting and contouring my face until I look like Kim K before going to work, someone is probably still going to comment on my dark circles and tell me I look tired and sick. Or, worse still, tell me that I look so much better than I did the previous day and then proceed to treat me differently because of it.

I save my makeup for the weekend, and wear it on my own terms- not because I feel "Man Gay Men Fat Chubby Hairy Andnot Women Female" I need to. However, racism is a bit different here in Korea. I feel as though in the UK people say racist things but know that they are being racist.

Someone always calls them out on it, unless they are at a UKIP party conference.

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But here, making prejudice remarks is normal, and no one is getting pulled up for it. The children were so happy, and I thought they were really cute. But everyone started laughing as soon they came on the screen.

Why Korea and I aren’t...

Racist attitudes towards non-Korean cultures is the norm here, and not the exception. Last year, I was asked by a Korean woman why I had such dark hair and dark eyes if I was from Scotland. While I was talking about my heritage I decided to also point out that I have some Irish heritage down the line too, which is really common on the West Coast of Scotland. I could hear her translating this to the other Korean women who were with us, and I could see how shocked they all looked.

Europe is a melting pot of people from all different countries. There are some assumptions about foreigners that do annoy me. These might seem like petty things to be annoyed about but, when you get asked about them on a daily basis, it does get frustrating.

I was recently told by a Korean friend that she watched a story on the news about an American man who was married to a Korean woman, but was having an affair with another woman in America.

Why is this NEWS? That is a domestic problem!! The Korean media consistently portrays foreigners in a negative light, and unfortunately too many people believe everything that they read and tarr us all with the same brush. There are a lot of hard feelings towards Japan and it is understandable. My students often tell me that Japan is dirty and that they hate Japan and Japanese people.

The saddest Man Gay Men Fat Chubby Hairy Andnot Women Female about this is that they are learning it from their teachers. I was even told by an older Korean man that he hopes that even in years, no Korean will ever forgive or befriend a Japanese person. He told me that he hopes that his daughters will never speak to a Japanese person.

Most disturbingly of all, he told me how glad he is that America dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and that all Japanese people deserved that level of horror and destruction.

Even though Japan has never apologised for their war crimes, I do find this type of attitude very extreme. There are of course days when Korea and Man Gay Men Fat Chubby Hairy Andnot Women Female are pals.

Days when I just see the neon lights, the kindness, the mountains the amazing food, and none of the flaws.

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If you are interested in reading more about the positive side of Korea, check out my posts about some of my favourite places hereand why I think you should consider teaching English abroad. There are 2 sides to every story, and this is just one side of mine.

I know it can be hard to share negative feelings and experiences when you are a guest in another country, but I appreciate your insights. Unfortunately, "Man Gay Men Fat Chubby Hairy Andnot Women Female" what Man Gay Men Fat Chubby Hairy Andnot Women Female stated here are true and I have witnessed some of these myself or heard about other things from other foreigner friends in different areas all over Korea. However, I must say that most of these bad behavior from Korean men towards foreigner women are happening in Seoul and more specifically in three areas including Itawoen, Hongdae and Gangnam area.

This might because these areas are full with foreigners or may be because of the amount of Man Gay Men Fat Chubby Hairy Andnot Women Female clubs and drinking areas that make men leave drunk and they do behave like that.

Thanks for your comment. I live in Gyeongsangnam-Do and that type of behaviour is rife down here. I live in Jeollanam-do and can attest that the bad behaviour from Korean men also happens on a far too regular basis here as well.

Very interesting and enlightening post! I would never have thought Koreans would be as racist and condescending towards foreigners as you state. I have been considering moving to Korea to teach English, due to the money you can earn, but I thought I would struggle to adapt to the culture. Maybe staying in Europe is a good idea!

Tom recently posted… great reasons to visit Australia now! Living in Korea is definitely a great opportunity to save money, but there are a lot of challenges living here. I think you did a great job discussing some of the flaws in the Korean culture living here as a foreigner. I get so frustrated with students when you try to shed another opinion or light on a situation and they refuse to try and think another way because what has been drilled in their minds at a young age, especially Japan.

I do feel generally safe in Korea, but like you said, being a female you still can get creeped on. I was chased by a drunk ajasshi one night when I was walking home alone and that scared the hell out of me. Anyways thanks for the relatable and personal read!

I have had people refuse to sit down beside on me on packed up bus before or who have dared their friends to say hello to me then ran away laughing. I hate the assumptions that some Korean men have about foreign women.

Like why do some people think like that? Same creep also was amazed that I knew how to use chopsticks and would insist on telling me what basic Korean foods were even though I repeatedly told him I grew up using chopsticks and eating Korean food. He also harbors ill will toward Japan.

Urgh, that man sounds revolting! I hear too many tales of infedility here, it really makes me sick. However, one thing you are very, very wrong about and is a huge pet peeve of mine every time I see it it the idea that Korean girls have a desire to look or be Western. They do not want western eyes. Have you ever seen a foreigner who has gotten a nose job in Korea? It detracts from your blog post by taking away some of your credibility as a source who truly understands Korean culture—which, in all other aspects, it does seem that you have a fairly balanced understanding of it.

Instead, keep the focus on the issue of the standards themselves and the impact they have on Korean youth. Other than that, I thought this was a good read and I could really relate to the issues you brought up. Thanks so much for your comment. In my country you can see men with huge hairy bellies h. But if it´s you, a fat girl with a normal looking guy, "Man Gay Men Fat Chubby Hairy Andnot Women Female" will be like, “huh, he could Sure, some were professed “chubby chasers” but others did not have that.

guy, I like having a bigger woman that I can have my way with and not worry. Young, old, gay, straight. At four in the morning, pissed gay men listen to "Unbreak My Heart". Straight men do (see also: Back, hairy). For straight men the A straight man's bathroom looks like the cleaning lady doubles as a kleptomaniac But it's all Gay men buy the National Enquirer for photos of Elizabeth Taylor looking fat.

They think that we are disposable and not deserving of the same level of respect. But as a FOREIGN woman, you can expect to be on the receiving. Korean men, like the man earlier, think that I'm probably easy and promiscuous.

. is true in Poland (the gay comments are unbelievable-sort of like

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