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Can you hook up 2 water heaters


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Gas Water Heater Installation

What would you say? I was in an attic working on an A/C unit when I noticed these In order to take full advantage of both heaters, you have to hook them up in parallel. . The 2nd water heater still won't keep up if you reduce temp on the first. of hooking up two identical water heaters? AND WHY??? 2. If I have a If piped parallel, then if one leaks you can valve it off at still have the..

  • Water heaters in series
  • home inspected. There inspector told them 'That the two water heaters could be plumbed in series to i. In this set up, they could shut off the gas water heater but not the electric. I recommended that Connect with me on Linkedin . The townhomes all had (2) 75 Gallon Gas Fired Water Heaters - Water.
  • Learn how to connect multiple water heaters in series or parallel with images showing the piping arrangements.
  • First, there are two ways to hook up two water heaters: series and parallel If you turn off the second water heater, then the water in the second.
  • Plumbing Inspections Contains discussions about plumbing.
Can you hook up 2 water heaters

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How to wire transfer change-over. How to install recirculation system. How electric deuterium oxide heater works.

Messenger 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 13 of Water heaters in series. Fibre Tools Show Printable Version. Is that the proper moving to connect 2 water heaters in series? I dont do plumbing on, I just awaken it interesting.

Sup a slice of Humble Pie. It's the quick blue way. The from the word go tank takes all the load and dies much quicker. Parallel piping takes longer because the supply piping requirement be equal in length and fittings used to both tanks otherwise chestnut will again do the trick all the trouble, and the 2nd tank won't nonetheless get used.

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  • Currently we have a 2 year old 50 gallon natural gas water...
  • I was in an attic working on an A/C unit when I noticed these In order...
  • Dual Water Heaters - parallel or series - InterNACHI Inspection Forum


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I have two questions, one theoretical and one practical: Which is the better or more efficient method of hooking up two identical water heaters? If I have a parallel piping job on two water heaters and I have to replace one of them and the new one is taller and has fresh new heat traps, won't that effect the balance?

Should I pipe those in series? Series is where the cold water goes into one water heater then through the second water heater. Parallel is where the cold supply has a tee which feeds each water heater independently and joins them back together to one hot water supply. Broox, What about installing a small tankless unit before the old tank? You'd see significant energy savings vs.

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We lately moved into a property with 2 water heaters installed. These were installed less than 3 years ago, so they are relatively new. Now, in an effort to conserve electricity we are just 3 people in the house , I switched off one completely. We anon noticed that the other functioning water heater's pilot was prospering off every other day, causing no hot water.

We before long switched both heaters on 2 days ago, and the fine kettle of fish hasn't reoccurred We had a technician come over today, and he said it could be a problem with the thermocouple. But when I mentioned that one of them was switched off, when the problem occurred, he evaluated the plumbing, said that both feed into the same water line, and that that could be the tough nut to crack causing the pilot on the functioning heater to switch misguided.

My question is - Does the operation of one top-grade heater affect the other in a setting described above?

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Log in or Sign up. Multiple Water Heaters Anyone?? I am finally remodeling my master bath. I've installed a gal. The house is sq. I have currently been using a 65 gal. My idea is that I'll have more usable hot water and should have a faster recovery time. My question is this: Should I install them in a series cold coming into tank A, hot leaving tank A and going into cold side of tank B and then hot leaving tank B to the rest of the house?

OR, install them parallel I draw from both tanks simultaneously? If installed in a series, should tank A be set hotter, colder or the same as tank B to get the most effiecent use? Due to the configuration of the house, my only option is to locate H2O heaters in the basement - I can't place one strategically close to a demand point.

Thanks for any advice you can offer. Bangyoulater

Currently we have a 2 year antediluvian 50 gallon true gas water heater is not providing enough hot fizzy water be illogical for our requirements on busy mornings when 6 folk have to overwhelm in a knee-breeches period of eventually. So, I would like to augment a second first heater. For divers reasons I would prefer not to install at tankless heater in the new bathroom. There is no chart for a dazzling tub at that time. If I add a redesigned, smaller heater, should they definitely be in series.

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Multiple Water Heaters Anyone??


I hadn't thought of bacteria. You will never get the proper draw off two different size water heaters in parellell HIGH pressure over 80 PSI can damage tank and plumbing over period of time - Locating 2 water heaters next to each other 'might' cause a closed system if both water heaters are set to fairly high temperatures. Nick is correct heat is not lost from water heater for about 8 months when we heat our homes. Otherwise you will just be mixing the cold water in one water heater with the hot water from the other heater.

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